Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creating Smart Car Logo by Applying Smart, Suitable Styles of Text

There are so many manufacturers of automobiles around you. What is that which will differentiate you from the others? Car logos and names and titles are specialized in such a way that they narrate the qualities of the manufacturer and the automobiles. Brand title is simply the title of your company. But a brand mark is totally something different, but the most important and contributes a great deal in the success of the brand in the market.

A brand mark can be an image describing the attributes of your automobiles, attributes like speed, luxury, faith, comfort, etc.

Usually brand owners prefer the company title or brand title to appear in the brand mark. There are many popular brands that use only the titles, such as, Toyota, Chevrolet, Fiat, etc. There are many advantages of using this form of brand marking. The people get familiar with your brand title and easily associate it with your brand. In pictorial illustrations there are certain bad points. Most of the people, who are not very sharp, fail to relate the picture or image to the brand title, though they are easier to remember but titles are forgotten. Many of the people can’t even read the hidden meaning in the illustration. But textual style of brand marking is free from these bad points. You just have to take vehicle that the typeface of the text is appropriate. Even if you are using initials, reading should not difficult. The font should be relating to the mood of the brand title. The font should depict the boldness and swiftness of the automobile. It is preferred if you use bold fonts for writing the title of the brand.

If the automobile has feminine features, then you can use thin lined fonts and add a little swirl to the smart car logo to depict femininity. This will attract females more, and will give them a feeling that this automobile is meant for them.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Important Aspects of Car Logo Stickers – Make Your Application Successful

Color: The first characteristic that becomes prominent in the car logo stickers is the good application of color. The colors that I think are the best for this application are the bold royal blue and the bright, light blue that would divert attentions on their own. These two colors are usually not seen together on the roads, this is why they will become magnets for attention.

Line: through innovative and artistic application of line, you can give life to the illustration. The far-reaching light blue is an excellent choice for transmitting the lively way of spending life of those who will be associated with the vehicle or the company the wrap is mentioning.

Graphics: The automobile graphics! We are aware of the vitality of applying images that can be related to emotionally or mentally, an illustration that depicts the message and the mood the brand mark. The images you use for this purpose must be really realistic and must be relating to the business or the services you provide or the products that you produce.

Branding: this is another very effective method of promoting your brand. Rather than sticking your vehicle wrap with the brand mark all over the body of the vehicle, you could be more creative by putting the brand mark only on the side doors of the car and the contact information of the concerned company on the rear and front of the vehicle. This will make your company vehicle look more organized. And further more it will make it easier to remember too.

Window: Another great area for a car logos list of designs is to apply it on the windows of the vehicle. This will leave more space for the graphics. This innovative idea will magically change your company vehicle in to a billboard with wheels, moving across the city.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Make Correct and Appropriate Use of Car Logo Images

The brand mark of a vehicle says a lot about the vehicle’s features. The brand mark design should relate to the personality of the manufacturer and the type of vehicles produced. You must be aware of the purpose of the brand mark. Its main purpose is to create identity for the brand. It is a very effective way of increasing your recognition in the market, so that whenever people come by your brand mark they can easily associate it with your brand. But it is not very easy to create a brand mark that is memorable and relates to the business.

There are certain rules that you have to follow while making your brand mark design. These rules are pertaining to the types of brand marking used in the industry of marketing and promotion. Automobile manufacturers spend quality time brain storming for the ideal car logos pictures that illustrate their business. Some use animal features; many apply national court of arms, or other such partisan pictorials to differentiate their business icon from the others and whereas many merely use their corporation brand title to make their brand mark design different unique from others.

There are several vehicle brand mark designs that have become so famous that they can be recognized by their car logo images all over the earth. Most of the famous automobile manufacturers are basically identified by their business icon. Their emblems are known to all human kind and be recognized anywhere on the planet.  Remember the emblem by Audi, BMW, Chevrolet or Infiniti? What do they share in general which gave their emblems such instant popularity? They are all very easy and can be drawn in a matter of seconds. Their plainness is what makes them exclusive. Their simplicity made them easy to remember and recall when required.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Do You Want To Make Your Own Logo Design? Read This!

Ever thought to make your own logo design? There have been several new softwares and application introduced on the internet, brand mark displays, lessons and resources across the internet but do you really know what constitutes a good brand mark and what are the elements of its success? This article will introduce to you the three most basic and most important elements that contribute to the success of a brand mark .

Keep It Simple Silly (KISS):

There is no other captivating brand mark than a stylish yet plain brand mark. It’s confirmed that a simple piece of art will allow the brand mark to be more easily recognized and retain in the memory, nice flexible looks and also will bring a great impression on the viewers. It was highly suggested for a novice to discover and do lots of research on how to make and grow a discreet drawing theory from other well-known designers, those that are known for their creativity.

The efficiency:

Aside from its simple or nominal notion, you must also think about the effectiveness of your brand mark even without shades. You have to give attention to the brand mark structure initially before going to the coloring stage. It is essential for a brand mark to be successful with or without color. In simpler words, your brand mark must look excellent in both, color and black & white prints.


This is very significant readers. You must make certain that your textual content is easily readable for the viewers. Your brand mark can be tremendously outstanding in terms of art or conception but it is totally a waste of time if citizens or audience can’t read a single wording of it. Always be additionally cautious when it comes to resizing manuscript.

If I make my own logo design, I will always keep these points in mind.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Not Design Your Own Logo And Hire A Professional Designer?

Finance has always been the essence of all the struggles a business man makes in his existence. The only difference among some of us is that for most of us it is the game of life and death, while others just consider it a necessary part of life. Every step a business man takes is basically founded upon money. Nowadays business and trades are carried for the basic requirement of fighting the competition in the market and staying on top of the heap.

The company which plays by its cards gets on the top much very easily. We all are aware that there are numerous tools that can earn our company recognition and worth that we require. But the real secret lies in using and applying these tools accurately at the right time. if you are a business owner, you must be aware of all the new trends in the market. You must know about all the techniques and elements of a successful company.

You might consider that importance of a brand mark and would not take the risk of designing your own logo design. As you are aware of the significance of this most important element of a company’s success, you might want to hire a designer! As an owner of a large business that you have just commenced you would want your company to get instant recognition. For that you understand that you must get you own logo design that will represent your company and communicate its goals to the customers and clients, attracting them towards you. You might not know the important factors that lead to the success of a brand mark, but if you hire an expert designer, he will design a symbol that will be the mirror image of your company’s personality.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get the Best Logo Design Program for Your Brand Mark Design

It does not really make any difference whether your icon is created by free logo design program or a professional, as long as the icon creates an impression that lasts for a very long time. As logo is known to be the most important component of the brand’s success, one should focus on the styling and the elements that lead to its success. Now you are provided with so many online applications that facilitate designers to create fashionable and cool designs online. You are also provided with so many softwares that you can download on your personal computer and use at your leisure. Your dream brand mark can come into reality in just days if you know the tools of designing and have the skills to come up with a icon that cannot fail in the market.

There have been various remarkable progresses made in the field of applied science and therefore a designer has various tools of designing that make his work a piece of cake. There are so many tools available that facilitate you in the creation of your dream brand mark. Best logo design program comes with various effects, colors, and fonts to make your icon unique. Before selecting a program first make sure that it has all the tools pertaining to your requirements. You will be provided with many utilities that will help you in making your icon unique and extraordinary. You will also be provided with many templates. You can simply use the template you like the most to convert it into the icon you would prefer for your company. Before applying the icon, make sure that the icon is unique and does not resemble some other company logo. This is a common mistake users do when using templates. This can lead to serious trade marking issues. So be very careful and cautious.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logo Design Program Or A Professional Designer – What Do You Prefer?

A logo is the personification of a business’ idea, conception and reputation. This is why if you want a successful brand mark, you will have to invest a lot of time and money into it. Many entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of money to spend on professionals, so they prefer using logo design programs that facilitate people to make their own business icons.

A professional designer is preferable because he understands all the factors that lead to the success of a brand mark. He conducts a research and learns everything he can about the company, its business, its values, and it potential customers. Keeping everything in mind when he makes the symbol for the company, the symbol comes out to be the perfect illustration of the company. This is because the icon relates to the company in every sense and communicates with the target audience as expected. It effectively conveys the business motto to the people, telling them about your products, and motivating them to come and have their first experience with you.

Aesthetics plays an important part in brand mark designing. Professional designers understand the use of fonts, colors, and illustrations. They know that a combination of these can be used to trigger the desired response. Colors, beauty, designs, images, and fonts arouse different kind of feelings in different sets of people. Therefore, it is important to understand the clever use of these elements in a symbol.

A logo design program cannot guide you with such intricate details. It can only provide you the tools for creating the brand mark. Therefore, there are greater chances that your symbol might fail. Hence, you must hire a professional, not a very expensive one if you can’t afford, who will design the perfect illustrative symbol for your organization – an image that you can be proud of for years!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Animal Logo Ideas – Take Your Logo To A New Level!

I believe anything around you can become your source of inspiration. Our environment and our society play a grand role in stimulating our interest in things and generating great thoughts. There are so many aspects of nature that inspire us, for instance, the colors of the rainbow and autumn leaves, how humans relate and bond to different creatures, etc. we even try to use these in things around us.

Great designers also never forget the role nature and its beauty play in enhancing the human mind. They always take animal logo ideas from it, and you can notice around you that many business icons are derivations of something or the other. Good designers always take care of staying up to date with latest technology, and new changes in the nature.

Hence, the use of fauna to represent characteristics common to the business owner or the business itself has become a practice now. You can notice several free animal logo designs around you. The purpose of the icon is to communicate the business motto to the audience. To make it more creative and imaginative, the use of creatures in the design has brought anew tint to it. Each creature has something different and unique about its nature that sets it apart, and that quality can be used to represent human characteristics sometimes.

But using creatures in symbols is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that have to be taken care of. The creature you are choosing should be relevant to the nature of the business. It should go with the mood of the company. And the font too, it should match the nature of the creature. If the creature you are using is ferocious or wild in nature, then your font should be bold and thick lined. But if it is a butterfly or a sweet bird, soft natured, then curly and thin lined fonts would be best suitable.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take Inspiration from Famous Animal Logos and Plan Yours For Long-Term

What is the first thing that crosses our minds when we think about a company? Of course, they are the famous animal logos. What makes them worth wondering is the amount of simplicity and creativity that is put in to make it instantly recognizable and memorable. Symbols are meant to serve for many years to come, not for a short period. They are meant to serve for decades. This is the marketing strategy of a company that they create such a symbol that imprints in the minds of the customers.

Uniqueness, yet simplicity, is the two main ingredients of a successful symbol. This is because complexity makes it difficult for the viewer to remember the symbol – The simpler the symbol, the easier to remember it.

Designing a symbol is not easy, because it requires very high level of brain storming and creativity. Recently, the use of creatures in best animal logos has become exceedingly popular. Not only to increase the creativity of the design, but also because they are easy to relate to strong emotional feelings of humans. Apart from making the symbol more creative and innovative, a creature in the symbol also makes it easier to remember and recall when required. Simple images are always easier to remember than slogans or texts.

But, there are certain rules of including fauna in your design. You must stick to these rules otherwise your design might throw up on your face. You cannot just use any creature in your design, the mood and the common characteristics of the mammal, which are known to everybody, must be pertaining to the nature of the business. Plus the font style and its color must also be appropriate.

Therefore, give a lot of thought before selecting your representative mammal.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Inspired Use of Wild Animal Logo for Your Company Profile

The great use of animal logo BMX has always inspired me, the way they are used to signify different feelings and emotions. It seems like the logo is actually communicating with the customer or the client. They keep the viewers mesmerized and engaged in thoughts.

Following are two of the faunas commonly used in brand marketing. Let me tell you how they perform the difficult task of a logo.

1. The cats:

You might be familiar with the saying that Lion is the King of the jungle. He is called king not only because of its intimidating character and appearance, but because of its qualities that are usually possessed by a King. Cats are a sign of self-confidence, poise, ascendancy, pace and strength. When you look at a company that has a cat logo, you wish to possess it so that a few of those qualities would rub off you. So whether you are related with the hotel business, media quarters, an automobile manufacturing corporation or a sports band, this is the ideal creature that says incomparability with technique.

2. Crocodile:

Strength and ego, this creature is as influential outside the water as it is inside it. These characteristics make him the source of terror and fretfulness in both the places. For a trade name that wishes to express the same message to its clients and opponents, this is the emblem for you. A croc figure will make one point very clear that ‘anything that comes in its way will be terminated’. It is just the thing for any kind of business prevailing in a competitive market, i.e. a clothing line, a telecommunication, shoes or joggers manufacturer, or a biking company.

There are many wild animal logo designs that can successfully be applied to any kind of business to portray significance and give more value to the customers.

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Useful Ideas for Successfully Applying Animal Logo for Your Business’ Profile

Different kinds of animal logo can be used to portray different characteristics of humans or businesses. For example, if you want illustrate faithfulness you can use the image of a dog, a lion for royalty, a dove for love, leopard for speed, etc.

Just like flowers, or different roses of different colors, are used to represent or express different feelings, passions, and emotions, faunas can be used to portray different passions and emotions. One glance will give the viewer a general idea what the service is about. That is why appropriate use of fauna creatures is necessary.

Like, for example, if the prominent characteristic of your brand is speed or strength, you may use a falcon or a leopard, and a horse for physical strength.

Next comes the font, the type of font that you are using should be appropriate according to the passion you are depicting, and the fauna that is being represented. For a lion, the font that will suit its personality will be something bold and straight. Whereas, for a cat you could use slant fonts or even cursive with thin lines.

The type of business you are doing is the nature of the corporation. Therefore, the universal animal logo is representing the nature of the company. You have to brain storm and then decide whether you really want to use faunas in your brand mark, and if yes, which fauna would best illustrate the emotion you want to be illustrated. Moreover, the choice of colors should also be correct.

For example, if printing press is the business, then you can employ a fauna image with origami effect and if you are women’s outfits’ fashion designer then you can employ thin lined fauna illustrations to give a sense of modernism and originality to your corporation brand name.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Introduction to Effective Architecture Logo Design to Retain Valuable Customers

An architecture logo is made with the objective of marketing of business. If you want to provide your customers value, and you want to effectively communicate to them, brand mark making is the easiest and cheapest way.

Colors play a very important role in brand mark making. You should make appropriate choice of colors for your drawing. Mostly, black, blue, green, and red are used for this type of business, as far as I have noticed. Whatever colors you are selecting, you should keep in mind that it should look goon even in black. Otherwise, the brand mark would not be able to accomplish its goal.

Furthermore, it should be suitable for any type of printable or unprintable media (television). The design should not lose its resolution when it is stretched or rescaled according to the media. It should be able to convey your business motto to the clients efficiently.
Architecture logo designing is not an easy task. Architecture is a very diverse business. It includes making structural models of many different types of buildings. The brand mark must be able to reflect the nature of the regarded business. If it is a school, for example, the brand mark must consist of all the features relating to schools, so that the client understands in a single glance that you are specialized in the designing of schools.

 As this is a very serious type of business, professionalism in the drawing is very important. Otherwise, the clients might not take you very seriously and might find it difficult to believe that you have expertise in the field of construction. To ignite a spark of immediate trust in the heart of valuable customers, your drawing must be professional and serious looking, talking only business.

In this way, you can attract more customers and retain existing flow of customers – by creating trust in them through your brand mark.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unique Logo Design – Unique Aspects

There are so many qualities of a unique logo design but to name a few we have short listed some of them. That way you will be able to find out, the feelings you should incorporate in your logo design.  A logo is a brand ambassador of a

Therefore, you should make sure that you have invested everything in it apart from your hard won cash.

Lets look on the aspect of a unique logo design.

1-It is memorable:

A logo that is unique is memorable as well. It will hold the attention of the viewer in it for long. The more unique it is, the more a viewer will spend time on it and the more will be your sales-volume without a doubt.

2-It is professional:

Think, can you design a logo on your own which possesses the best qualities in it? Do it yourselfers usually think that they have that tiny magical power to culminate a logo design that will take the world over but they are mistaken. Professional logo designs are always created by a professional, no matter, how hard efforts you have invested in it.

3-It is creative:

Look around you; you are crowded with different types of logo designs if you have ever noticed. I know you haven’t for there are very few logo designs that are the treat to the eyes and those are that shows out and out creativity. You cannot ignore the fact that the logos that are creative only attract the attention of the viewers.

Therefore, it is not hard to get a unique piece of art, the only thing you should do is to get the services of professional graphic designer.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What Is So Best In Best Logo Design?

How do you measure the best logo design? What are the qualities of creating a logo design that becomes state-of-the-art business identity? What are the features to comprehend in it?

There is nothing out of the world in a great logo design. The thing which makes it unique is the big idea. Big ideas come from using different techniques and concepts that are being used by today’s graphic designer like the use of negative space. You can either use it with simple black and white combination or make it to depict a hidden message. It is all up to you, how you make use of it. You can also 3D effects with negative space to make it look more interesting. Remember, the more your logo is interesting, the more you will be able to grab the attention of the viewer in the first glance.

Using initials of your company would be the best way to make a logo for your company with sophistry and elegance. Simplicity is the best policy in case of logo designing. Using extra fonts, images and colors can make your logo look confusing and cluttered.

What more you can do is to hire a professional graphic design service to get a piece of creative logo design that will set you business apart from the rest because you might have unique idea in your mind but you won’t be able to turn it into reality for you don’t know how to use Photoshop or illustrator but a professional knows.

Therefore, the solution which I see is that you can garner some ideas on your own and then ask the professional hired to make them reality.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corporate Logo Designer - Notable Traits

Lets face it, you cannot design a corporate identity on your own. You have to ultimately head towards a professional graphic design service or a corporate logo designer that will help you culminate a brand mark identity for your business. There are lots of other ways of getting it but they will only end you up on non ending problems.

If you will hire a corporate logo designer:
1-You will get quality logo designs:

By hiring a logo or website logo designer, you will get all the quality logo designs possible. As they are working online, they have to take extra care of their online presence because of the fact that it takes a single minute for the rumors to spread. Therefore, they will make every effort to ensure quality brand mark identities.

2-You will get to work with a professional:

Professionalism counts! Yes, the biggest thing for a business man is professionalism. A great graphic design company will show out and out expertise to ensure that its clients are happy with them. Therefore, you should make sure that whatever company you are going for, it should be professional and serious about its work.

3-You will get customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the foremost essential thing for a graphic design company that is professional, reputed and have a big name in the market. They continue serving their customer unless they are fully satisfied with their service.

After reading the preceding qualities of a website logo designer, I am sure you will be totally convinced about getting a brand mark identity for yourself with the help of a professional’s service. A word of advice is that you should keep your budget in mind before finally opting for a service.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Custom Logo Designer – What To Ask Him?

You cannot just blindfolded hire anyone to do the tasks for you. You will have to search for the best business logo designer, evaluate him, examine him and then decide if he is eligible to handle your corporate identity or not. That way, a corporate identity culminate will leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers and you never know if they will be converted into your actual buyers.

Anyhow, you can pose the following questions even if you have selected any pre-determined logo design package. They will help you determine the efficiency of the graphic designer, not only that, they would also help you take the final decision.

1-Is there any policy of money back guarantee? If there is any then after how many revisions it is allowed. This provides a safe way for the clients so that they don’t lose anything in the end.
2-Are there any hidden charges that you are not aware of? If there are any then you must be told earlier to avoid any future problems.
3-Is there any feature of discount if you decide to work with them in future? Or is there any feature of getting a discount on selecting a good package deal?
4-Have they ever won any prizes or awards for their exceptional contribution in the design industry? This means that they are credible and reliable for any company and they can hire them blindfolded.

Hence, to get the best custom logo designer is the most difficult thing but not impossible. It requires a little common sense and smartness from the side of the company owners. Online companies need more assurance as there is no physical location of them but the advantages of getting the right online design company is incomparable with the others.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Logo Design Help For Graphic Designers

You are new to graphic design industry and don’t know the basic things about logo designing. In theory you must have drawn thousands of logo but practical implementations are bit different, therefore, you need to know the connotations to provide you some logo design help.

1-Sketching on paper is the oldest tradition of logo designing which is now often overlooked due to the work over load. To wind up as early as possible is the motto of the prevalent graphic designers.

2-Logo design process is the second most important thing in graphic designing. Once the sketch is done, a logo designer proceeds to the next step which is a big process. Graphic designers when want to save their time, they often overlooks some steps in it which is of course very bad.

3-Use of vector graphics should be the priority today for every graphic designer because of the fact that they are handy, scalable and provide a whole room of creativity for a graphic designer.  Most of the time, graphic designers who have a lot of work on pending often use internet images and clipart to draw a corporate identity which destroys the overall quality of a logo design.

4-The more he practices, the more will the good results. Therefore, he must make sure he has done a lot of hard work on it. The practice in a sense of revisions that he will do as per the requirements and request of a client.

5-A graphic designer should always avoid copying the other ideas as they are normally used on various logo design websites, therefore, he must use his brain to draw a corporate identity otherwise it may lead to copyright infringement problems.

Therefore, you should focus on the above told points to come up with a perfect looking brand mark identity.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Logo Maker Software- Ordinary Machine With Ordinary Logos

Do you know you are making the worst mistake of all time if you are going to get free logo maker software?

Here’s how...

They contains pre-fabricated designs which are no way good for your company because a  brand mark identity is drawn with the purpose of setting a business apart from the rest and how can you attain that goal with the help of an ordinary software which creates ordinary logos.

You will get all the answers if you will compare a professional’s high quality work with a logo designed created by software. Therefore, before going for a free logo maker download, you have to think hundred times because once a corporate identity is launched you cannot start from the word go.

Startups should be more concerned about their logo design for they have to establish their business. As it is very well said that, first impression is the last impression, you cannot remove the traces once it gets there. Therefore, it is wise to read all that you can about free logo maker software to educate yourself about them.

You can always ask the following three questions if you want to sort out your confusion:

1-Do you think you can compete yourself with a professional?
2-Don’t you think, you will end up on a bad quality logo design?
3-Do you want to come up with an ordinary logo design?

That way you will nearly reach the conclusion. The further information about a free logo maker will do the rest of the work for you. All you have to is to read as much as you can about them and reach the heart of the matter.

Hence there are many ways to get things done; some are right while some are wrong. A smart person knows which way to go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cross Examining Idea Of Getting Free Logo Designs

Do you know free logo designs software may cost you much more than a professional graphic design service?  This utterly surprising statement is due to the fact that getting everything for free is not the solution. One needs to be smart enough weigh the pros and cons and find a reliable source to get his corporate identity.

That said, if he is smart enough, he will dig out affordable means of designing a brand mark identity. One such mean is hiring professional graphic design service.

Hazards that free logo designs may bring in for your business:

1-There is no guarantee that it will be a high-ended design unless you are very lucky.
2-There is no guarantee that it won’t consist of clipart which is the best way to destroy the overall quality of a logo design.
3-There is no guarantee, if it is not used by your friends, competitors or arch rivals.
4-There is no guarantee; for how much time it will last for.
5-There is no guarantee that it will render a unique piece of art.
6-There is no guarantee that they are up to date.
7-There is no guarantee that it doesn’t inject any spyware or malware in your system.
8-There is no guarantee that you will get it for FREE.

So there are total eight points which directly unfolds the disadvantages that your business may face in the future. Hence, if you still think, if getting a free logo designer is a good ideas for your newly established business. Do you really want to get it lost in the crowd of so many logo designs?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Can Free Logo Generator Online Do For You?

Are you planning to get your new corporate identity with the help do a free logo design generator? If that’s the case then you should think twice before taking any final decision. There has been so much said about these free logo generator online, good and bad both but from my point of view, there are only negative impacts of them on a business.

Therefore, it is crucial that one seeks out knowledge and guidance before taking anything seriously. Free ideas usually lure the audience so much so that they are unable to think logically. Following are some of the important points that may act as an awakener for you.

1-It is not legal. You cannot claim your rights. You don’t have any legal proves that this particular brand mark identity is yours. Situation becomes worse when someone else copies your corporate identity and then you cannot do anything about it except mourning.

2-It’s a clipart that is way too inferior in rank with a graphic image. Get two of them in front of you and you will yourself find out what’s the difference. Clipart are predefined images that offer a very little room for creativity. You cannot play with colors, images and fonts. All you get is already made ideas which you have to name as yours. Pretty much sad!

3-Who knows if the designs are new and fresh? They might be years old and that will create bigger problems for you. As the older the software, the more are the chances that it is being used by thousands of people out there.

4-What if your competitor has the same brand mark identity like yours? What will you do then? Obviously you will bang your head on the wall and what else left for you.

Hence, now you know what these free logo generators made of are!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Online Free Logo Creation Ideas To Avoid

If you are a regular computer user, you may encounter various free options regarding logo designing but have you ever researched about them if they really worth it or not? Logo is a brand mark which shouldn’t be taken carelessly; therefore, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every option you come across but before that it is wise to look what are those options?

1-Free logo creation through online websites:

There is a very low credibility of these websites and thus, very few people use them. The most probable reason for this low usage is that it doesn’t offer any creative freedom. After all you must have something in your mind regarding your brand mark identity.

2-Online logo design contests:

Though they are not free but come with a very low cost but that increases the possibility of getting a brand mark from a very low quality and inexperienced graphic designers. Ask yourself, why an experienced graphic designer would give you a logo for free or negligible cost?

3-Free logo builder:

Who doesn’t know about free logo builder that are assumed to be free but actually they are not. Though some may come with a real free tag but most of them are claimed to ask for a certain amount to unlock the features. Therefore, the cost here could be similar to that of a professional graphic designer so decide yourself where you should go?

Therefore, weighing the pros and cons of a situation renders a better idea to select the right path. If you don’t know what the merits are and demerits of getting a brand mark identity for free then how on earth you would be able to decide which the right path is for you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A look into different logo file formats!

So many file formats can definitely confuse you if you have to select any one of them for your logo design because the graphic designer has sent you with a file that is unrecognizable by all the softwares you have. For this, you need to understand how to convert one file format into other but before that you need to have a thorough understanding of all the logo file formats that are used by graphic designers today.


Joint photographic expert group commonly known as JPEG or JPG was first officially released in the year 1992 with a view to render a high quality pictures. Due to this particular feature, it is considered the best for picture and images. It can offer incomparable transparency and animation.


Tagged image file format is best when one wants to get their corporate identity printed for business card, envelope, letter heads etc.  TIFF is preferred by every graphic designer today because every software and web application recognizes it. It supports every image mode from LAB to RGB to CYMK colors which helps in displaying a picture perfect quality.


Adobe illustrator commonly known as AI is a very famous file format used for illustrators. It is literally loved by professional graphic designers for the extra large room of editing it provides.


Photoshop document which comes next to the illustrator for graphic designing. Mostly logo designs are created with the help of Photoshop because of its worldwide acceptance and popularity. PSD basically involves the use of lots of layers and channels which allows a graphic designer to make the most of his creative ideas in the logo design he is creating.

Hence, you can go through the preceding information to understand what is the logo format all about?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideas That You Can Get From A Logo Design Portfolio

 If you have visited different graphic design websites, you must have encountered logo design portfolio there to let the visitors know what they are all about. A portfolio is the best way to show the best side of you especially when it about the graphic designers or services. This way, he is able to show off what is his expertise?

A logo design portfolio can serve with many purposes for everyone from a graphic designer to a client to any visitor searching for any idea. This is how; a portfolio can be very useful for many things. I will tell you in this article, how you can extract great ideas from various logo design examples.

`1- Search for the logo design samples that can be associated with your business, analyze them and see how are they designed, what objects are used, what kind of color combinations have they used? 

2- Now you have a sound idea on what can you design in your corporate identity. You can now extract the ideas.

3- Getting inspired is no way a bad thing but copying as it is can be. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not copying anything. Now, once you have committed not to copy, you can dig out ideas. Analyze which color combination would best suit your corporate identity. You can therefore use them in it with little modifications if required. As far as the objects are concerned, think, which object would best suit your business nature? For example; if you are running a fast food restaurant then your brand mark identity could have a cartoon with a burger in his hands etc.

4- Next would be the fonts that you should use in your corporate identity. You just have to search which font type would be more suitable for your business.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Are The Common Features Of Logo Design Packages?

What are the usual features of a logo design packages offered by professional graphic design companies? Which package should I go for?

These are the questions which are asked by almost every entrepreneur today who is searching a way to get his corporate identity. Some are scared to death as well for they don’t know which company is better and which is not. Anyhow, if you want to know the best features that should be offered by a company and which should always be considered by you are given below.

1-Unlimited revisions:

Companies who offer unlimited revisions are quite confident about their work and this is the reason, they never hesitate in offering such features. However, this is a very dangerous feature for you never know what kind of client you will be confronting in the next second. Anyhow, the companies who really care for their existing and potential clients offer this features to them.

2-Money back guarantee:

Again, this is another scary feature for a graphic design company owner has set up his business to earn and not refund. Hence, the companies which are pretty confident about their quality of work never hesitate to offer this feature in logo design prices.

3-By products:

Stationery design can be the best example of a byproduct offered through various packages by professional graphic design companies. These are an essential part of marketing which can be very costly when outsourced separately.


Freebies are the best to attract customers. These companies often include freebies in form of eBooks to lure them to buy the package that will assist them in handling their newly drawn corporate identity for instance; a company might offer how to brand your business on a shoe string budget?

Hence, a brand identity logo design package has to be first analyzed so that you can get the best suitable package for your brand mark identity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is It Too Difficult To Get An Affordable Logo Design?

You don’t have that much in your pocket for you have just launched your business but still you want a perfect brand recognition device for your business that is high quality, creative and complete. That is quite difficult in such an economic condition.

Furthermore, the demand has also been increased due to the benefits it delivers to the companies. Graphic design companies that are professional and big, therefore, offers high logo design cost which becomes unreachable for a small business owner. So it seems almost impossible for a small company to get a high ending corporate identity on affordable rate.

Unless a company owner uses a bit of common sense. He can do this by searching for reputed graphic design companies in town and short list them. The services that are left in the list should be checked to see what are the prices they are offering?

The graphic design company which is offering you a number of packages including freebies can be chosen to get your corporate identity. The reason is that, in spite of being the top most company in the city, they care for their prospective customers a lot. This is why; they suggest price and packages that everybody can afford. You should then check if there is any package that suits your pocket or not.

If you find anyone that suits you well then your search is ended here. You have got what you were looking for. Therefore, you must not waste a single minute more and contact them to get their services in the first place.

Hence, if you want to get an affordable logo design that is prefect than you must seek out knowledge and guidance before you make any final decision. Final words of advice are that you must keep the entire concept in mind before you go for a professional service.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Benefits That A Custom Logo Design Can Bring In For Your Business

Have you ever wondered why some corporate identities miserably fail while some cash all the benefits? The success and failure of a brand mark identity leans on the shoulder of a graphic designer. The more competent and professional he is the more will be the benefits.

This is why it is said that nothing can be compared with a professional when it comes to a logo design process. You cannot be a jack of all trades by designing your corporate identity all by yourself because you are trained to run your line of business and a graphic designer for his own. Imagine if a graphic designer is asked to run your electronics company then what will happen?

Similarly, if you are asked to draw your company’s corporate identity then how on earth you will be able to do that? Therefore, no one can ever underestimate the importance of a brand mark for a business. People who are very serious about their business reputation always head towards a professional graphic design service or designer to get their corporate identity.

If you will search for them, you will find thousands of them available in a huge quantity over the internet which makes it easier for you.  You can choose them on the basis of affordability, experience, reputation and other important factors which you may consider.

A custom logo design, therefore, is much more apprehensible, appreciative and fruitful in a long run when you can reap the rewards of your struggle. This is why; it has always been given an upper hand when the benefits of two types of logo designs are compared that are DIY and custom logo designs.

Hence, everything is in front of you now, its up to you to decide which option suits you the best but make sure your decision is taken after a careful consideration of the benefits they may bring in for your company.

Why To Get A Custom Logo Design For Your Company?

Every now and then, a new marketing strategy comes into existence to lure the target audience. Today, the most talked about marketing strategy is a brand mark identity.

Big brands have effectively culminated their corporate identities to enhance their face value on the world’s stage. However, a great logo design is not created overnight; it can take months and even years to establish a unique business reputation in the market. Therefore, such an important insignia should never be underestimated at any case. To get a perfect brand recognition device, one must head towards a professional graphic designer for he knows how to draw a unique business identity.

At times, business owners especially the start ups start doing their corporate identity on their own which usually results a low quality logos. This is how; they literally destroy the overall image of their company in the eyes of their target customers. At first, they feel very proud of what they have culminated but in a long run, they get mad with the bad results. So a professional graphic designer is far more competent, experience and creative than common individuals.

Before trying your hands on your corporate identity, you must remember:

1-It is not a school drawing competition
2-It is not just a colorful pictorial representation
3-It is not as easy as it seems to be.
4-If it was too easy then why there are high paid professionals in the market.
5-It is your future brand mark identity which cannot be created like this at least.

Therefore, a custom logo design is far more reliable and trustworthy than a do it yourself logo designs which should be kept in mind before your do it on yourself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can A Company Survive Without A Corporate Logo Design?

Have you ever imagined if we never had faces then how would be able to recognize each other?


Have you ever imagined if we never had names to identify each other then how we would be living?

I know it sounds weird imagining ourselves without names and faces!
Companies also require a face to present themselves in front of public so that they can be recognized by them. The more unique your face is, the more you will be remembered by the audience. Hence, besides a unique company name, one has to develop a face in the form of a corporate logo design to reserve a place in the minds of the potential and existing customers both.

Once it was just the name of a company which mattered a lot when one wanted to implement marketing strategies but now things have changed with the passage of time. At that time, there were very few companies so the marketing was relatively quite easy but now with so many companies around one can hardly remember one.

Therefore, it is the duty of marketers to put in every effort which can lead to a unique corporate identity in the field.

A logo design, therefore, can be the best way today to help a business stand out from the rest which should be created in such a way that leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. For this, one can get a professional graphic designer’s help as well. There are thousands of online company logo design services available over the internet for you; all you have to do is to search for them, select any one which suits your requirements and finally hire them as your logo designers.

Hence, if you think your small business can survive without a brand mark identity then you should think over your point of view once again because in such a cut throat competition one cannot survive without having a unique business insignia.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Corporate Logo Design – A Need To Establish A Unique Business Identity

Do you think you can win the hearts of your target audience without a properly designed brand recognition device?

Today with such a cut throat competition, one cannot imagine working without a marketing or advertisement schemes. This is why; every single day we encounter new and refreshing ways of projecting a company, product or service to the target market. Do you know, one of the refreshing ways to enhance a company’s visibility is a corporate logo design - a perfect brand recognition device.

Every single business owner is turning towards creating a corporate identity for his business’s sake because the high return on investment it offers. May be this is the reason why graphic design industry is booming like anything. There are numerous benefits that a person can get after getting a corporate identity for his company; therefore, a person should make sure that a logo is designed in the first place after he has officially launched your company. The biggest reason for this is that a corporate identity takes a lot of time in establishing its name. So you cannot expect an overnight return from your brand identity and if you do so then I am afraid you are not giving it time to grow.

Lets just take it from this perspective..

A company logo design is like a plant. You will sow the seeds at first, water it and will patiently watch it grow. Some plants take months and even years to grow. Same goes with a corporate identity, you have to sow the seeds in the first place and see it grow slowly and gradually.

Thereby, its important to have a brand mark identity in order to lure the target audience in such a fiercely competitive crowd of businesses provided that its designed well by a professional’s hand and that you are giving it time to establish itself as a unique business insignia.
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