Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Important Aspects of Car Logo Stickers – Make Your Application Successful

Color: The first characteristic that becomes prominent in the car logo stickers is the good application of color. The colors that I think are the best for this application are the bold royal blue and the bright, light blue that would divert attentions on their own. These two colors are usually not seen together on the roads, this is why they will become magnets for attention.

Line: through innovative and artistic application of line, you can give life to the illustration. The far-reaching light blue is an excellent choice for transmitting the lively way of spending life of those who will be associated with the vehicle or the company the wrap is mentioning.

Graphics: The automobile graphics! We are aware of the vitality of applying images that can be related to emotionally or mentally, an illustration that depicts the message and the mood the brand mark. The images you use for this purpose must be really realistic and must be relating to the business or the services you provide or the products that you produce.

Branding: this is another very effective method of promoting your brand. Rather than sticking your vehicle wrap with the brand mark all over the body of the vehicle, you could be more creative by putting the brand mark only on the side doors of the car and the contact information of the concerned company on the rear and front of the vehicle. This will make your company vehicle look more organized. And further more it will make it easier to remember too.

Window: Another great area for a car logos list of designs is to apply it on the windows of the vehicle. This will leave more space for the graphics. This innovative idea will magically change your company vehicle in to a billboard with wheels, moving across the city.

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