Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideas That You Can Get From A Logo Design Portfolio

 If you have visited different graphic design websites, you must have encountered logo design portfolio there to let the visitors know what they are all about. A portfolio is the best way to show the best side of you especially when it about the graphic designers or services. This way, he is able to show off what is his expertise?

A logo design portfolio can serve with many purposes for everyone from a graphic designer to a client to any visitor searching for any idea. This is how; a portfolio can be very useful for many things. I will tell you in this article, how you can extract great ideas from various logo design examples.

`1- Search for the logo design samples that can be associated with your business, analyze them and see how are they designed, what objects are used, what kind of color combinations have they used? 

2- Now you have a sound idea on what can you design in your corporate identity. You can now extract the ideas.

3- Getting inspired is no way a bad thing but copying as it is can be. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not copying anything. Now, once you have committed not to copy, you can dig out ideas. Analyze which color combination would best suit your corporate identity. You can therefore use them in it with little modifications if required. As far as the objects are concerned, think, which object would best suit your business nature? For example; if you are running a fast food restaurant then your brand mark identity could have a cartoon with a burger in his hands etc.

4- Next would be the fonts that you should use in your corporate identity. You just have to search which font type would be more suitable for your business.


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