Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Animal Logo Ideas – Take Your Logo To A New Level!

I believe anything around you can become your source of inspiration. Our environment and our society play a grand role in stimulating our interest in things and generating great thoughts. There are so many aspects of nature that inspire us, for instance, the colors of the rainbow and autumn leaves, how humans relate and bond to different creatures, etc. we even try to use these in things around us.

Great designers also never forget the role nature and its beauty play in enhancing the human mind. They always take animal logo ideas from it, and you can notice around you that many business icons are derivations of something or the other. Good designers always take care of staying up to date with latest technology, and new changes in the nature.

Hence, the use of fauna to represent characteristics common to the business owner or the business itself has become a practice now. You can notice several free animal logo designs around you. The purpose of the icon is to communicate the business motto to the audience. To make it more creative and imaginative, the use of creatures in the design has brought anew tint to it. Each creature has something different and unique about its nature that sets it apart, and that quality can be used to represent human characteristics sometimes.

But using creatures in symbols is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that have to be taken care of. The creature you are choosing should be relevant to the nature of the business. It should go with the mood of the company. And the font too, it should match the nature of the creature. If the creature you are using is ferocious or wild in nature, then your font should be bold and thick lined. But if it is a butterfly or a sweet bird, soft natured, then curly and thin lined fonts would be best suitable.

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