Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Animal Logo Ideas – Take Your Logo To A New Level!

I believe anything around you can become your source of inspiration. Our environment and our society play a grand role in stimulating our interest in things and generating great thoughts. There are so many aspects of nature that inspire us, for instance, the colors of the rainbow and autumn leaves, how humans relate and bond to different creatures, etc. we even try to use these in things around us.

Great designers also never forget the role nature and its beauty play in enhancing the human mind. They always take animal logo ideas from it, and you can notice around you that many business icons are derivations of something or the other. Good designers always take care of staying up to date with latest technology, and new changes in the nature.

Hence, the use of fauna to represent characteristics common to the business owner or the business itself has become a practice now. You can notice several free animal logo designs around you. The purpose of the icon is to communicate the business motto to the audience. To make it more creative and imaginative, the use of creatures in the design has brought anew tint to it. Each creature has something different and unique about its nature that sets it apart, and that quality can be used to represent human characteristics sometimes.

But using creatures in symbols is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that have to be taken care of. The creature you are choosing should be relevant to the nature of the business. It should go with the mood of the company. And the font too, it should match the nature of the creature. If the creature you are using is ferocious or wild in nature, then your font should be bold and thick lined. But if it is a butterfly or a sweet bird, soft natured, then curly and thin lined fonts would be best suitable.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take Inspiration from Famous Animal Logos and Plan Yours For Long-Term

What is the first thing that crosses our minds when we think about a company? Of course, they are the famous animal logos. What makes them worth wondering is the amount of simplicity and creativity that is put in to make it instantly recognizable and memorable. Symbols are meant to serve for many years to come, not for a short period. They are meant to serve for decades. This is the marketing strategy of a company that they create such a symbol that imprints in the minds of the customers.

Uniqueness, yet simplicity, is the two main ingredients of a successful symbol. This is because complexity makes it difficult for the viewer to remember the symbol – The simpler the symbol, the easier to remember it.

Designing a symbol is not easy, because it requires very high level of brain storming and creativity. Recently, the use of creatures in best animal logos has become exceedingly popular. Not only to increase the creativity of the design, but also because they are easy to relate to strong emotional feelings of humans. Apart from making the symbol more creative and innovative, a creature in the symbol also makes it easier to remember and recall when required. Simple images are always easier to remember than slogans or texts.

But, there are certain rules of including fauna in your design. You must stick to these rules otherwise your design might throw up on your face. You cannot just use any creature in your design, the mood and the common characteristics of the mammal, which are known to everybody, must be pertaining to the nature of the business. Plus the font style and its color must also be appropriate.

Therefore, give a lot of thought before selecting your representative mammal.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Inspired Use of Wild Animal Logo for Your Company Profile

The great use of animal logo BMX has always inspired me, the way they are used to signify different feelings and emotions. It seems like the logo is actually communicating with the customer or the client. They keep the viewers mesmerized and engaged in thoughts.

Following are two of the faunas commonly used in brand marketing. Let me tell you how they perform the difficult task of a logo.

1. The cats:

You might be familiar with the saying that Lion is the King of the jungle. He is called king not only because of its intimidating character and appearance, but because of its qualities that are usually possessed by a King. Cats are a sign of self-confidence, poise, ascendancy, pace and strength. When you look at a company that has a cat logo, you wish to possess it so that a few of those qualities would rub off you. So whether you are related with the hotel business, media quarters, an automobile manufacturing corporation or a sports band, this is the ideal creature that says incomparability with technique.

2. Crocodile:

Strength and ego, this creature is as influential outside the water as it is inside it. These characteristics make him the source of terror and fretfulness in both the places. For a trade name that wishes to express the same message to its clients and opponents, this is the emblem for you. A croc figure will make one point very clear that ‘anything that comes in its way will be terminated’. It is just the thing for any kind of business prevailing in a competitive market, i.e. a clothing line, a telecommunication, shoes or joggers manufacturer, or a biking company.

There are many wild animal logo designs that can successfully be applied to any kind of business to portray significance and give more value to the customers.

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Useful Ideas for Successfully Applying Animal Logo for Your Business’ Profile

Different kinds of animal logo can be used to portray different characteristics of humans or businesses. For example, if you want illustrate faithfulness you can use the image of a dog, a lion for royalty, a dove for love, leopard for speed, etc.

Just like flowers, or different roses of different colors, are used to represent or express different feelings, passions, and emotions, faunas can be used to portray different passions and emotions. One glance will give the viewer a general idea what the service is about. That is why appropriate use of fauna creatures is necessary.

Like, for example, if the prominent characteristic of your brand is speed or strength, you may use a falcon or a leopard, and a horse for physical strength.

Next comes the font, the type of font that you are using should be appropriate according to the passion you are depicting, and the fauna that is being represented. For a lion, the font that will suit its personality will be something bold and straight. Whereas, for a cat you could use slant fonts or even cursive with thin lines.

The type of business you are doing is the nature of the corporation. Therefore, the universal animal logo is representing the nature of the company. You have to brain storm and then decide whether you really want to use faunas in your brand mark, and if yes, which fauna would best illustrate the emotion you want to be illustrated. Moreover, the choice of colors should also be correct.

For example, if printing press is the business, then you can employ a fauna image with origami effect and if you are women’s outfits’ fashion designer then you can employ thin lined fauna illustrations to give a sense of modernism and originality to your corporation brand name.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Introduction to Effective Architecture Logo Design to Retain Valuable Customers

An architecture logo is made with the objective of marketing of business. If you want to provide your customers value, and you want to effectively communicate to them, brand mark making is the easiest and cheapest way.

Colors play a very important role in brand mark making. You should make appropriate choice of colors for your drawing. Mostly, black, blue, green, and red are used for this type of business, as far as I have noticed. Whatever colors you are selecting, you should keep in mind that it should look goon even in black. Otherwise, the brand mark would not be able to accomplish its goal.

Furthermore, it should be suitable for any type of printable or unprintable media (television). The design should not lose its resolution when it is stretched or rescaled according to the media. It should be able to convey your business motto to the clients efficiently.
Architecture logo designing is not an easy task. Architecture is a very diverse business. It includes making structural models of many different types of buildings. The brand mark must be able to reflect the nature of the regarded business. If it is a school, for example, the brand mark must consist of all the features relating to schools, so that the client understands in a single glance that you are specialized in the designing of schools.

 As this is a very serious type of business, professionalism in the drawing is very important. Otherwise, the clients might not take you very seriously and might find it difficult to believe that you have expertise in the field of construction. To ignite a spark of immediate trust in the heart of valuable customers, your drawing must be professional and serious looking, talking only business.

In this way, you can attract more customers and retain existing flow of customers – by creating trust in them through your brand mark.

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