Friday, December 2, 2011

Do You Want To Make Your Own Logo Design? Read This!

Ever thought to make your own logo design? There have been several new softwares and application introduced on the internet, brand mark displays, lessons and resources across the internet but do you really know what constitutes a good brand mark and what are the elements of its success? This article will introduce to you the three most basic and most important elements that contribute to the success of a brand mark .

Keep It Simple Silly (KISS):

There is no other captivating brand mark than a stylish yet plain brand mark. It’s confirmed that a simple piece of art will allow the brand mark to be more easily recognized and retain in the memory, nice flexible looks and also will bring a great impression on the viewers. It was highly suggested for a novice to discover and do lots of research on how to make and grow a discreet drawing theory from other well-known designers, those that are known for their creativity.

The efficiency:

Aside from its simple or nominal notion, you must also think about the effectiveness of your brand mark even without shades. You have to give attention to the brand mark structure initially before going to the coloring stage. It is essential for a brand mark to be successful with or without color. In simpler words, your brand mark must look excellent in both, color and black & white prints.


This is very significant readers. You must make certain that your textual content is easily readable for the viewers. Your brand mark can be tremendously outstanding in terms of art or conception but it is totally a waste of time if citizens or audience can’t read a single wording of it. Always be additionally cautious when it comes to resizing manuscript.

If I make my own logo design, I will always keep these points in mind.
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