Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Introduction to Effective Architecture Logo Design to Retain Valuable Customers

An architecture logo is made with the objective of marketing of business. If you want to provide your customers value, and you want to effectively communicate to them, brand mark making is the easiest and cheapest way.

Colors play a very important role in brand mark making. You should make appropriate choice of colors for your drawing. Mostly, black, blue, green, and red are used for this type of business, as far as I have noticed. Whatever colors you are selecting, you should keep in mind that it should look goon even in black. Otherwise, the brand mark would not be able to accomplish its goal.

Furthermore, it should be suitable for any type of printable or unprintable media (television). The design should not lose its resolution when it is stretched or rescaled according to the media. It should be able to convey your business motto to the clients efficiently.
Architecture logo designing is not an easy task. Architecture is a very diverse business. It includes making structural models of many different types of buildings. The brand mark must be able to reflect the nature of the regarded business. If it is a school, for example, the brand mark must consist of all the features relating to schools, so that the client understands in a single glance that you are specialized in the designing of schools.

 As this is a very serious type of business, professionalism in the drawing is very important. Otherwise, the clients might not take you very seriously and might find it difficult to believe that you have expertise in the field of construction. To ignite a spark of immediate trust in the heart of valuable customers, your drawing must be professional and serious looking, talking only business.

In this way, you can attract more customers and retain existing flow of customers – by creating trust in them through your brand mark.

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