Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take Inspiration from Famous Animal Logos and Plan Yours For Long-Term

What is the first thing that crosses our minds when we think about a company? Of course, they are the famous animal logos. What makes them worth wondering is the amount of simplicity and creativity that is put in to make it instantly recognizable and memorable. Symbols are meant to serve for many years to come, not for a short period. They are meant to serve for decades. This is the marketing strategy of a company that they create such a symbol that imprints in the minds of the customers.

Uniqueness, yet simplicity, is the two main ingredients of a successful symbol. This is because complexity makes it difficult for the viewer to remember the symbol – The simpler the symbol, the easier to remember it.

Designing a symbol is not easy, because it requires very high level of brain storming and creativity. Recently, the use of creatures in best animal logos has become exceedingly popular. Not only to increase the creativity of the design, but also because they are easy to relate to strong emotional feelings of humans. Apart from making the symbol more creative and innovative, a creature in the symbol also makes it easier to remember and recall when required. Simple images are always easier to remember than slogans or texts.

But, there are certain rules of including fauna in your design. You must stick to these rules otherwise your design might throw up on your face. You cannot just use any creature in your design, the mood and the common characteristics of the mammal, which are known to everybody, must be pertaining to the nature of the business. Plus the font style and its color must also be appropriate.

Therefore, give a lot of thought before selecting your representative mammal.

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