Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creating Smart Car Logo by Applying Smart, Suitable Styles of Text

There are so many manufacturers of automobiles around you. What is that which will differentiate you from the others? Car logos and names and titles are specialized in such a way that they narrate the qualities of the manufacturer and the automobiles. Brand title is simply the title of your company. But a brand mark is totally something different, but the most important and contributes a great deal in the success of the brand in the market.

A brand mark can be an image describing the attributes of your automobiles, attributes like speed, luxury, faith, comfort, etc.

Usually brand owners prefer the company title or brand title to appear in the brand mark. There are many popular brands that use only the titles, such as, Toyota, Chevrolet, Fiat, etc. There are many advantages of using this form of brand marking. The people get familiar with your brand title and easily associate it with your brand. In pictorial illustrations there are certain bad points. Most of the people, who are not very sharp, fail to relate the picture or image to the brand title, though they are easier to remember but titles are forgotten. Many of the people can’t even read the hidden meaning in the illustration. But textual style of brand marking is free from these bad points. You just have to take vehicle that the typeface of the text is appropriate. Even if you are using initials, reading should not difficult. The font should be relating to the mood of the brand title. The font should depict the boldness and swiftness of the automobile. It is preferred if you use bold fonts for writing the title of the brand.

If the automobile has feminine features, then you can use thin lined fonts and add a little swirl to the smart car logo to depict femininity. This will attract females more, and will give them a feeling that this automobile is meant for them.

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