Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corporate Logo Designer - Notable Traits

Lets face it, you cannot design a corporate identity on your own. You have to ultimately head towards a professional graphic design service or a corporate logo designer that will help you culminate a brand mark identity for your business. There are lots of other ways of getting it but they will only end you up on non ending problems.

If you will hire a corporate logo designer:
1-You will get quality logo designs:

By hiring a logo or website logo designer, you will get all the quality logo designs possible. As they are working online, they have to take extra care of their online presence because of the fact that it takes a single minute for the rumors to spread. Therefore, they will make every effort to ensure quality brand mark identities.

2-You will get to work with a professional:

Professionalism counts! Yes, the biggest thing for a business man is professionalism. A great graphic design company will show out and out expertise to ensure that its clients are happy with them. Therefore, you should make sure that whatever company you are going for, it should be professional and serious about its work.

3-You will get customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the foremost essential thing for a graphic design company that is professional, reputed and have a big name in the market. They continue serving their customer unless they are fully satisfied with their service.

After reading the preceding qualities of a website logo designer, I am sure you will be totally convinced about getting a brand mark identity for yourself with the help of a professional’s service. A word of advice is that you should keep your budget in mind before finally opting for a service.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Custom Logo Designer – What To Ask Him?

You cannot just blindfolded hire anyone to do the tasks for you. You will have to search for the best business logo designer, evaluate him, examine him and then decide if he is eligible to handle your corporate identity or not. That way, a corporate identity culminate will leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers and you never know if they will be converted into your actual buyers.

Anyhow, you can pose the following questions even if you have selected any pre-determined logo design package. They will help you determine the efficiency of the graphic designer, not only that, they would also help you take the final decision.

1-Is there any policy of money back guarantee? If there is any then after how many revisions it is allowed. This provides a safe way for the clients so that they don’t lose anything in the end.
2-Are there any hidden charges that you are not aware of? If there are any then you must be told earlier to avoid any future problems.
3-Is there any feature of discount if you decide to work with them in future? Or is there any feature of getting a discount on selecting a good package deal?
4-Have they ever won any prizes or awards for their exceptional contribution in the design industry? This means that they are credible and reliable for any company and they can hire them blindfolded.

Hence, to get the best custom logo designer is the most difficult thing but not impossible. It requires a little common sense and smartness from the side of the company owners. Online companies need more assurance as there is no physical location of them but the advantages of getting the right online design company is incomparable with the others.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Logo Design Help For Graphic Designers

You are new to graphic design industry and don’t know the basic things about logo designing. In theory you must have drawn thousands of logo but practical implementations are bit different, therefore, you need to know the connotations to provide you some logo design help.

1-Sketching on paper is the oldest tradition of logo designing which is now often overlooked due to the work over load. To wind up as early as possible is the motto of the prevalent graphic designers.

2-Logo design process is the second most important thing in graphic designing. Once the sketch is done, a logo designer proceeds to the next step which is a big process. Graphic designers when want to save their time, they often overlooks some steps in it which is of course very bad.

3-Use of vector graphics should be the priority today for every graphic designer because of the fact that they are handy, scalable and provide a whole room of creativity for a graphic designer.  Most of the time, graphic designers who have a lot of work on pending often use internet images and clipart to draw a corporate identity which destroys the overall quality of a logo design.

4-The more he practices, the more will the good results. Therefore, he must make sure he has done a lot of hard work on it. The practice in a sense of revisions that he will do as per the requirements and request of a client.

5-A graphic designer should always avoid copying the other ideas as they are normally used on various logo design websites, therefore, he must use his brain to draw a corporate identity otherwise it may lead to copyright infringement problems.

Therefore, you should focus on the above told points to come up with a perfect looking brand mark identity.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Logo Maker Software- Ordinary Machine With Ordinary Logos

Do you know you are making the worst mistake of all time if you are going to get free logo maker software?

Here’s how...

They contains pre-fabricated designs which are no way good for your company because a  brand mark identity is drawn with the purpose of setting a business apart from the rest and how can you attain that goal with the help of an ordinary software which creates ordinary logos.

You will get all the answers if you will compare a professional’s high quality work with a logo designed created by software. Therefore, before going for a free logo maker download, you have to think hundred times because once a corporate identity is launched you cannot start from the word go.

Startups should be more concerned about their logo design for they have to establish their business. As it is very well said that, first impression is the last impression, you cannot remove the traces once it gets there. Therefore, it is wise to read all that you can about free logo maker software to educate yourself about them.

You can always ask the following three questions if you want to sort out your confusion:

1-Do you think you can compete yourself with a professional?
2-Don’t you think, you will end up on a bad quality logo design?
3-Do you want to come up with an ordinary logo design?

That way you will nearly reach the conclusion. The further information about a free logo maker will do the rest of the work for you. All you have to is to read as much as you can about them and reach the heart of the matter.

Hence there are many ways to get things done; some are right while some are wrong. A smart person knows which way to go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cross Examining Idea Of Getting Free Logo Designs

Do you know free logo designs software may cost you much more than a professional graphic design service?  This utterly surprising statement is due to the fact that getting everything for free is not the solution. One needs to be smart enough weigh the pros and cons and find a reliable source to get his corporate identity.

That said, if he is smart enough, he will dig out affordable means of designing a brand mark identity. One such mean is hiring professional graphic design service.

Hazards that free logo designs may bring in for your business:

1-There is no guarantee that it will be a high-ended design unless you are very lucky.
2-There is no guarantee that it won’t consist of clipart which is the best way to destroy the overall quality of a logo design.
3-There is no guarantee, if it is not used by your friends, competitors or arch rivals.
4-There is no guarantee; for how much time it will last for.
5-There is no guarantee that it will render a unique piece of art.
6-There is no guarantee that they are up to date.
7-There is no guarantee that it doesn’t inject any spyware or malware in your system.
8-There is no guarantee that you will get it for FREE.

So there are total eight points which directly unfolds the disadvantages that your business may face in the future. Hence, if you still think, if getting a free logo designer is a good ideas for your newly established business. Do you really want to get it lost in the crowd of so many logo designs?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Can Free Logo Generator Online Do For You?

Are you planning to get your new corporate identity with the help do a free logo design generator? If that’s the case then you should think twice before taking any final decision. There has been so much said about these free logo generator online, good and bad both but from my point of view, there are only negative impacts of them on a business.

Therefore, it is crucial that one seeks out knowledge and guidance before taking anything seriously. Free ideas usually lure the audience so much so that they are unable to think logically. Following are some of the important points that may act as an awakener for you.

1-It is not legal. You cannot claim your rights. You don’t have any legal proves that this particular brand mark identity is yours. Situation becomes worse when someone else copies your corporate identity and then you cannot do anything about it except mourning.

2-It’s a clipart that is way too inferior in rank with a graphic image. Get two of them in front of you and you will yourself find out what’s the difference. Clipart are predefined images that offer a very little room for creativity. You cannot play with colors, images and fonts. All you get is already made ideas which you have to name as yours. Pretty much sad!

3-Who knows if the designs are new and fresh? They might be years old and that will create bigger problems for you. As the older the software, the more are the chances that it is being used by thousands of people out there.

4-What if your competitor has the same brand mark identity like yours? What will you do then? Obviously you will bang your head on the wall and what else left for you.

Hence, now you know what these free logo generators made of are!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Online Free Logo Creation Ideas To Avoid

If you are a regular computer user, you may encounter various free options regarding logo designing but have you ever researched about them if they really worth it or not? Logo is a brand mark which shouldn’t be taken carelessly; therefore, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every option you come across but before that it is wise to look what are those options?

1-Free logo creation through online websites:

There is a very low credibility of these websites and thus, very few people use them. The most probable reason for this low usage is that it doesn’t offer any creative freedom. After all you must have something in your mind regarding your brand mark identity.

2-Online logo design contests:

Though they are not free but come with a very low cost but that increases the possibility of getting a brand mark from a very low quality and inexperienced graphic designers. Ask yourself, why an experienced graphic designer would give you a logo for free or negligible cost?

3-Free logo builder:

Who doesn’t know about free logo builder that are assumed to be free but actually they are not. Though some may come with a real free tag but most of them are claimed to ask for a certain amount to unlock the features. Therefore, the cost here could be similar to that of a professional graphic designer so decide yourself where you should go?

Therefore, weighing the pros and cons of a situation renders a better idea to select the right path. If you don’t know what the merits are and demerits of getting a brand mark identity for free then how on earth you would be able to decide which the right path is for you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A look into different logo file formats!

So many file formats can definitely confuse you if you have to select any one of them for your logo design because the graphic designer has sent you with a file that is unrecognizable by all the softwares you have. For this, you need to understand how to convert one file format into other but before that you need to have a thorough understanding of all the logo file formats that are used by graphic designers today.


Joint photographic expert group commonly known as JPEG or JPG was first officially released in the year 1992 with a view to render a high quality pictures. Due to this particular feature, it is considered the best for picture and images. It can offer incomparable transparency and animation.


Tagged image file format is best when one wants to get their corporate identity printed for business card, envelope, letter heads etc.  TIFF is preferred by every graphic designer today because every software and web application recognizes it. It supports every image mode from LAB to RGB to CYMK colors which helps in displaying a picture perfect quality.


Adobe illustrator commonly known as AI is a very famous file format used for illustrators. It is literally loved by professional graphic designers for the extra large room of editing it provides.


Photoshop document which comes next to the illustrator for graphic designing. Mostly logo designs are created with the help of Photoshop because of its worldwide acceptance and popularity. PSD basically involves the use of lots of layers and channels which allows a graphic designer to make the most of his creative ideas in the logo design he is creating.

Hence, you can go through the preceding information to understand what is the logo format all about?
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