Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Inspired Use of Wild Animal Logo for Your Company Profile

The great use of animal logo BMX has always inspired me, the way they are used to signify different feelings and emotions. It seems like the logo is actually communicating with the customer or the client. They keep the viewers mesmerized and engaged in thoughts.

Following are two of the faunas commonly used in brand marketing. Let me tell you how they perform the difficult task of a logo.

1. The cats:

You might be familiar with the saying that Lion is the King of the jungle. He is called king not only because of its intimidating character and appearance, but because of its qualities that are usually possessed by a King. Cats are a sign of self-confidence, poise, ascendancy, pace and strength. When you look at a company that has a cat logo, you wish to possess it so that a few of those qualities would rub off you. So whether you are related with the hotel business, media quarters, an automobile manufacturing corporation or a sports band, this is the ideal creature that says incomparability with technique.

2. Crocodile:

Strength and ego, this creature is as influential outside the water as it is inside it. These characteristics make him the source of terror and fretfulness in both the places. For a trade name that wishes to express the same message to its clients and opponents, this is the emblem for you. A croc figure will make one point very clear that ‘anything that comes in its way will be terminated’. It is just the thing for any kind of business prevailing in a competitive market, i.e. a clothing line, a telecommunication, shoes or joggers manufacturer, or a biking company.

There are many wild animal logo designs that can successfully be applied to any kind of business to portray significance and give more value to the customers.

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