Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideas That You Can Get From A Logo Design Portfolio

 If you have visited different graphic design websites, you must have encountered logo design portfolio there to let the visitors know what they are all about. A portfolio is the best way to show the best side of you especially when it about the graphic designers or services. This way, he is able to show off what is his expertise?

A logo design portfolio can serve with many purposes for everyone from a graphic designer to a client to any visitor searching for any idea. This is how; a portfolio can be very useful for many things. I will tell you in this article, how you can extract great ideas from various logo design examples.

`1- Search for the logo design samples that can be associated with your business, analyze them and see how are they designed, what objects are used, what kind of color combinations have they used? 

2- Now you have a sound idea on what can you design in your corporate identity. You can now extract the ideas.

3- Getting inspired is no way a bad thing but copying as it is can be. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not copying anything. Now, once you have committed not to copy, you can dig out ideas. Analyze which color combination would best suit your corporate identity. You can therefore use them in it with little modifications if required. As far as the objects are concerned, think, which object would best suit your business nature? For example; if you are running a fast food restaurant then your brand mark identity could have a cartoon with a burger in his hands etc.

4- Next would be the fonts that you should use in your corporate identity. You just have to search which font type would be more suitable for your business.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Are The Common Features Of Logo Design Packages?

What are the usual features of a logo design packages offered by professional graphic design companies? Which package should I go for?

These are the questions which are asked by almost every entrepreneur today who is searching a way to get his corporate identity. Some are scared to death as well for they don’t know which company is better and which is not. Anyhow, if you want to know the best features that should be offered by a company and which should always be considered by you are given below.

1-Unlimited revisions:

Companies who offer unlimited revisions are quite confident about their work and this is the reason, they never hesitate in offering such features. However, this is a very dangerous feature for you never know what kind of client you will be confronting in the next second. Anyhow, the companies who really care for their existing and potential clients offer this features to them.

2-Money back guarantee:

Again, this is another scary feature for a graphic design company owner has set up his business to earn and not refund. Hence, the companies which are pretty confident about their quality of work never hesitate to offer this feature in logo design prices.

3-By products:

Stationery design can be the best example of a byproduct offered through various packages by professional graphic design companies. These are an essential part of marketing which can be very costly when outsourced separately.


Freebies are the best to attract customers. These companies often include freebies in form of eBooks to lure them to buy the package that will assist them in handling their newly drawn corporate identity for instance; a company might offer how to brand your business on a shoe string budget?

Hence, a brand identity logo design package has to be first analyzed so that you can get the best suitable package for your brand mark identity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is It Too Difficult To Get An Affordable Logo Design?

You don’t have that much in your pocket for you have just launched your business but still you want a perfect brand recognition device for your business that is high quality, creative and complete. That is quite difficult in such an economic condition.

Furthermore, the demand has also been increased due to the benefits it delivers to the companies. Graphic design companies that are professional and big, therefore, offers high logo design cost which becomes unreachable for a small business owner. So it seems almost impossible for a small company to get a high ending corporate identity on affordable rate.

Unless a company owner uses a bit of common sense. He can do this by searching for reputed graphic design companies in town and short list them. The services that are left in the list should be checked to see what are the prices they are offering?

The graphic design company which is offering you a number of packages including freebies can be chosen to get your corporate identity. The reason is that, in spite of being the top most company in the city, they care for their prospective customers a lot. This is why; they suggest price and packages that everybody can afford. You should then check if there is any package that suits your pocket or not.

If you find anyone that suits you well then your search is ended here. You have got what you were looking for. Therefore, you must not waste a single minute more and contact them to get their services in the first place.

Hence, if you want to get an affordable logo design that is prefect than you must seek out knowledge and guidance before you make any final decision. Final words of advice are that you must keep the entire concept in mind before you go for a professional service.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Benefits That A Custom Logo Design Can Bring In For Your Business

Have you ever wondered why some corporate identities miserably fail while some cash all the benefits? The success and failure of a brand mark identity leans on the shoulder of a graphic designer. The more competent and professional he is the more will be the benefits.

This is why it is said that nothing can be compared with a professional when it comes to a logo design process. You cannot be a jack of all trades by designing your corporate identity all by yourself because you are trained to run your line of business and a graphic designer for his own. Imagine if a graphic designer is asked to run your electronics company then what will happen?

Similarly, if you are asked to draw your company’s corporate identity then how on earth you will be able to do that? Therefore, no one can ever underestimate the importance of a brand mark for a business. People who are very serious about their business reputation always head towards a professional graphic design service or designer to get their corporate identity.

If you will search for them, you will find thousands of them available in a huge quantity over the internet which makes it easier for you.  You can choose them on the basis of affordability, experience, reputation and other important factors which you may consider.

A custom logo design, therefore, is much more apprehensible, appreciative and fruitful in a long run when you can reap the rewards of your struggle. This is why; it has always been given an upper hand when the benefits of two types of logo designs are compared that are DIY and custom logo designs.

Hence, everything is in front of you now, its up to you to decide which option suits you the best but make sure your decision is taken after a careful consideration of the benefits they may bring in for your company.

Why To Get A Custom Logo Design For Your Company?

Every now and then, a new marketing strategy comes into existence to lure the target audience. Today, the most talked about marketing strategy is a brand mark identity.

Big brands have effectively culminated their corporate identities to enhance their face value on the world’s stage. However, a great logo design is not created overnight; it can take months and even years to establish a unique business reputation in the market. Therefore, such an important insignia should never be underestimated at any case. To get a perfect brand recognition device, one must head towards a professional graphic designer for he knows how to draw a unique business identity.

At times, business owners especially the start ups start doing their corporate identity on their own which usually results a low quality logos. This is how; they literally destroy the overall image of their company in the eyes of their target customers. At first, they feel very proud of what they have culminated but in a long run, they get mad with the bad results. So a professional graphic designer is far more competent, experience and creative than common individuals.

Before trying your hands on your corporate identity, you must remember:

1-It is not a school drawing competition
2-It is not just a colorful pictorial representation
3-It is not as easy as it seems to be.
4-If it was too easy then why there are high paid professionals in the market.
5-It is your future brand mark identity which cannot be created like this at least.

Therefore, a custom logo design is far more reliable and trustworthy than a do it yourself logo designs which should be kept in mind before your do it on yourself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can A Company Survive Without A Corporate Logo Design?

Have you ever imagined if we never had faces then how would be able to recognize each other?


Have you ever imagined if we never had names to identify each other then how we would be living?

I know it sounds weird imagining ourselves without names and faces!
Companies also require a face to present themselves in front of public so that they can be recognized by them. The more unique your face is, the more you will be remembered by the audience. Hence, besides a unique company name, one has to develop a face in the form of a corporate logo design to reserve a place in the minds of the potential and existing customers both.

Once it was just the name of a company which mattered a lot when one wanted to implement marketing strategies but now things have changed with the passage of time. At that time, there were very few companies so the marketing was relatively quite easy but now with so many companies around one can hardly remember one.

Therefore, it is the duty of marketers to put in every effort which can lead to a unique corporate identity in the field.

A logo design, therefore, can be the best way today to help a business stand out from the rest which should be created in such a way that leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. For this, one can get a professional graphic designer’s help as well. There are thousands of online company logo design services available over the internet for you; all you have to do is to search for them, select any one which suits your requirements and finally hire them as your logo designers.

Hence, if you think your small business can survive without a brand mark identity then you should think over your point of view once again because in such a cut throat competition one cannot survive without having a unique business insignia.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Corporate Logo Design – A Need To Establish A Unique Business Identity

Do you think you can win the hearts of your target audience without a properly designed brand recognition device?

Today with such a cut throat competition, one cannot imagine working without a marketing or advertisement schemes. This is why; every single day we encounter new and refreshing ways of projecting a company, product or service to the target market. Do you know, one of the refreshing ways to enhance a company’s visibility is a corporate logo design - a perfect brand recognition device.

Every single business owner is turning towards creating a corporate identity for his business’s sake because the high return on investment it offers. May be this is the reason why graphic design industry is booming like anything. There are numerous benefits that a person can get after getting a corporate identity for his company; therefore, a person should make sure that a logo is designed in the first place after he has officially launched your company. The biggest reason for this is that a corporate identity takes a lot of time in establishing its name. So you cannot expect an overnight return from your brand identity and if you do so then I am afraid you are not giving it time to grow.

Lets just take it from this perspective..

A company logo design is like a plant. You will sow the seeds at first, water it and will patiently watch it grow. Some plants take months and even years to grow. Same goes with a corporate identity, you have to sow the seeds in the first place and see it grow slowly and gradually.

Thereby, its important to have a brand mark identity in order to lure the target audience in such a fiercely competitive crowd of businesses provided that its designed well by a professional’s hand and that you are giving it time to establish itself as a unique business insignia.
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