Thursday, October 27, 2011

Useful Ideas for Successfully Applying Animal Logo for Your Business’ Profile

Different kinds of animal logo can be used to portray different characteristics of humans or businesses. For example, if you want illustrate faithfulness you can use the image of a dog, a lion for royalty, a dove for love, leopard for speed, etc.

Just like flowers, or different roses of different colors, are used to represent or express different feelings, passions, and emotions, faunas can be used to portray different passions and emotions. One glance will give the viewer a general idea what the service is about. That is why appropriate use of fauna creatures is necessary.

Like, for example, if the prominent characteristic of your brand is speed or strength, you may use a falcon or a leopard, and a horse for physical strength.

Next comes the font, the type of font that you are using should be appropriate according to the passion you are depicting, and the fauna that is being represented. For a lion, the font that will suit its personality will be something bold and straight. Whereas, for a cat you could use slant fonts or even cursive with thin lines.

The type of business you are doing is the nature of the corporation. Therefore, the universal animal logo is representing the nature of the company. You have to brain storm and then decide whether you really want to use faunas in your brand mark, and if yes, which fauna would best illustrate the emotion you want to be illustrated. Moreover, the choice of colors should also be correct.

For example, if printing press is the business, then you can employ a fauna image with origami effect and if you are women’s outfits’ fashion designer then you can employ thin lined fauna illustrations to give a sense of modernism and originality to your corporation brand name.
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