Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Are The Common Features Of Logo Design Packages?

What are the usual features of a logo design packages offered by professional graphic design companies? Which package should I go for?

These are the questions which are asked by almost every entrepreneur today who is searching a way to get his corporate identity. Some are scared to death as well for they don’t know which company is better and which is not. Anyhow, if you want to know the best features that should be offered by a company and which should always be considered by you are given below.

1-Unlimited revisions:

Companies who offer unlimited revisions are quite confident about their work and this is the reason, they never hesitate in offering such features. However, this is a very dangerous feature for you never know what kind of client you will be confronting in the next second. Anyhow, the companies who really care for their existing and potential clients offer this features to them.

2-Money back guarantee:

Again, this is another scary feature for a graphic design company owner has set up his business to earn and not refund. Hence, the companies which are pretty confident about their quality of work never hesitate to offer this feature in logo design prices.

3-By products:

Stationery design can be the best example of a byproduct offered through various packages by professional graphic design companies. These are an essential part of marketing which can be very costly when outsourced separately.


Freebies are the best to attract customers. These companies often include freebies in form of eBooks to lure them to buy the package that will assist them in handling their newly drawn corporate identity for instance; a company might offer how to brand your business on a shoe string budget?

Hence, a brand identity logo design package has to be first analyzed so that you can get the best suitable package for your brand mark identity.


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