Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Logo Design of the New York State – I (v) NY – One of the Most Celebrated Logos Designs of the World

The New York state logo design was made in 1977 by a graphic designer named Milton Glaser. Initially made for a marketing campaign to promote tourism for the state of New York, the I Love NY logo design became so popular that it was made an official trademark by the state government. Although it represented the whole state of New York, the logo design has inevitably become a standard symbol for New York City bearing an emotional attachment with its citizens.

As a trademark logo design of the New York state, this is amongst the most renowned logos designs in the entire world. Numerous souvenirs have evolved since the inception of the logo which include; the most famous Tee shirts, car stickers, fridge stickers, table and desktop articles, badges and much more.

As is the case with all popular logos designs, the I Love NY logo design has also been copied and used for reference to other places such as; NY representing New Yorkshire instead of New York, I Love SF for San Francisco and I Love LA for Los Angeles etc. a very large number of commercial organisations have used the I Love NY logo design for promoting their own products with or without permission from the state of New York.

After the heinous attacks on the city of New York on September 11 2009, this logo design became ever popular with all Americans and not just New Yorkers developing a sense of unity among them. The logo design was also modified with a black speck included in the heart and addition of words “more than ever” making it read “I love NY More than Ever”. The black speck stands for ground zero at the World Trade Centre site destroyed in the atrocious attack.

Not only Americans or New Yorkers but people from other countries also feel proud to have this logo on their clothing or other items of use. There is no doubt that the “I Love NY” logo design is one of the most celebrated logos designs of the world.

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Creativity in Custom Logo Designs – Are all Custom Logo Designs Creative?!

Creativity is the catch word that is used in every walk of life by every person in every possible expression. There are different notions for the words creative and creativity. Here we would discuss what creativity means with regards to logo designing and what creative logo design stands for.

Custom logo designs are tailor made to suit the requirements of a brand or company name or function and the addition of creativity makes them more appealing. A creative logo design is one that has been designed using projective and generative ideas and a person who uses these techniques is a creative logo designer. In addition to that, the ability to conceive novel ideas, a positive and outgoing attitude, a willingness to experiment and a positive approach form the basics of a creative logo designer also called a custom logo designs consultant.

Creative logo design methodology is not rocket science but entails a meticulous eye for relevant details. A custom made creative logo design requires the capacity to generate new ideas by modifying, blending, changing, or reapplying existing logo design ideas and requirements associated with a brand or business in particular sense. In true terms, we also know that all custom logo designs cannot be identified as creative logo designs. Unless a logo actually depicts a new impression with creativity oozing out of every facet, it will not be determined a creative logo design.

Wearing a hat is not creative, but using it to hold a dozen raw eggs in absence of a basket is no doubt a creative idea. Ingenuity can be as simple as that if one starts believing. Now I believe all custom logo designs consultants would benefit from this subtle advice which has helped quite a few aspiring creative logo designers.

Logo Design quote: “A creative logo design can only be made by a creative logo designer”.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.
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