Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Can Free Logo Generator Online Do For You?

Are you planning to get your new corporate identity with the help do a free logo design generator? If that’s the case then you should think twice before taking any final decision. There has been so much said about these free logo generator online, good and bad both but from my point of view, there are only negative impacts of them on a business.

Therefore, it is crucial that one seeks out knowledge and guidance before taking anything seriously. Free ideas usually lure the audience so much so that they are unable to think logically. Following are some of the important points that may act as an awakener for you.

1-It is not legal. You cannot claim your rights. You don’t have any legal proves that this particular brand mark identity is yours. Situation becomes worse when someone else copies your corporate identity and then you cannot do anything about it except mourning.

2-It’s a clipart that is way too inferior in rank with a graphic image. Get two of them in front of you and you will yourself find out what’s the difference. Clipart are predefined images that offer a very little room for creativity. You cannot play with colors, images and fonts. All you get is already made ideas which you have to name as yours. Pretty much sad!

3-Who knows if the designs are new and fresh? They might be years old and that will create bigger problems for you. As the older the software, the more are the chances that it is being used by thousands of people out there.

4-What if your competitor has the same brand mark identity like yours? What will you do then? Obviously you will bang your head on the wall and what else left for you.

Hence, now you know what these free logo generators made of are!


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