Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cross Examining Idea Of Getting Free Logo Designs

Do you know free logo designs software may cost you much more than a professional graphic design service?  This utterly surprising statement is due to the fact that getting everything for free is not the solution. One needs to be smart enough weigh the pros and cons and find a reliable source to get his corporate identity.

That said, if he is smart enough, he will dig out affordable means of designing a brand mark identity. One such mean is hiring professional graphic design service.

Hazards that free logo designs may bring in for your business:

1-There is no guarantee that it will be a high-ended design unless you are very lucky.
2-There is no guarantee that it won’t consist of clipart which is the best way to destroy the overall quality of a logo design.
3-There is no guarantee, if it is not used by your friends, competitors or arch rivals.
4-There is no guarantee; for how much time it will last for.
5-There is no guarantee that it will render a unique piece of art.
6-There is no guarantee that they are up to date.
7-There is no guarantee that it doesn’t inject any spyware or malware in your system.
8-There is no guarantee that you will get it for FREE.

So there are total eight points which directly unfolds the disadvantages that your business may face in the future. Hence, if you still think, if getting a free logo designer is a good ideas for your newly established business. Do you really want to get it lost in the crowd of so many logo designs?


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