Saturday, April 10, 2010


Sometimes the things you do not create are more powerful than the ones you do. Negative Space or “White Space” has been used artistically by designers and artists in all fields from photography to graphics designing. Today I am going to illuminate the topic of White space/negative space in logo designs, which is not just white space but a lot more than that. Before we move further, I need you to take a look at this logo real carefully:

What do you see? Nothing? …Look again, this time more cautiously…Do you see a dove in the middle of the image? Do you see that the brown cloud type design is actually a tree? And, do you see the white space in the middle which represents a dove image also depicts the face of a woman? Well if you could see these things in this image or not, there are these three elements of a bird, a face and a tree. This is what negative space (or white space) in graphics designing is all about!

Let’s understand the Negative space with this definition from Wikipedia:

The space around and between the subject(s) of an image is negative space. Negative space may be most evident when the space around a subject, and not the subject itself, forms an interesting or artistically relevant shape, and such space is occasionally used to artistic effect as the “real” subject of an image. The use of negative space is a key element of artistic composition.
The biggest and most crystallized example of negative spacing in a logo can be explained by the FedEx logo, Take a look:

Could you see the negative space in the logo? Actually it’s an arrow sign which is in between the E and X. if you carefully look at the logo you can find it. If still can’t, here I am filling up a color to help you see it:

In its May 15, 2003 35th Anniversary “American Icon” issue, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked FedEx as one of the 8 best logos of the past thirty-five years. Alongside Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Playboy

According to FedEx spokesman Jess Bunn:

“The arrow was indeed intentional as a secondary design element…”

“If the viewer sees it, it’s a neat, interesting visual bonus. If the viewer doesn’t see it, that’s OK. It’s still a powerful logo. The arrow is intended to communicate movement, speed and the dynamic nature of our company.”

Another most famous example of negative space is the Rubin’s Vase shown below. It features an optical illusion that can be perceived as a vase or two faces with a clever use of negative space:

Here’s how this illusion came into formation:

Now, I am going to show you some logos with their descriptions but you must try to figure out their “white space” messages before you read their descriptions. Here we go:

FORMULA ONE LOGO: The designer creatively came up with the number “1” in between the F and the red spikes to portray “F1” speedy theme, great piece of work

 Yoga Australia by Roy Smith: A wonderful illustration that lets the Australian map in, in to the logo (look in the negative space inside where the girl is holding her leg)

Gun Crime consequences: It’s an image that shows the violence results. First thing is apparently a gun but the other is tricky. That’s a dead man bleeding from mouth which is inside the gun trigger area. From Noma bar’s book “Negative space”

The Big Squeeze: Art piece for an article on the American oil gains to be made from Iraq

There are a huge number of logos that contain negative spaces to depict secret messages, but can’t be covered in just one article. However, I tried to explain the “Negative space” in logos in the easiest way I could. I hope, after reading this article now you can make out the difference between the normal logos and the concealed logos, which was my intention to tell you.

Please leave a comment if you like this article and want me to come up with more logos that somehow have something unusual.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Britney Spears: “The Greatest Freedom Is To Believe In Yourself.” (She Actually Wanted To Say); “The Greatest Freedom Is To Steal Shamelessly.”

Believe (the fragrance) hit the markets in September 2007. It was the fifth fragrance launched by the pop princess Britney Spears, following the Midnight Fantasy fragrance that was launched in late 2006. Although it is a nicer scent, with substantially more depth than Britney’s previous scents, the characteristic femininity and girly sweetness was found in all of her perfumes can also be felt through this one. For Britney and her team, it was all well until people didn’t notice that Britney’s Believe is actually a rip-off of a company called; Mondonation, located in Vancouver, Canada.

Mondonation’s motive was to be tacked together to support plenty of international charities, by donating part of the profits from each shirt sale. “Mondonation has reached thousands of people with the “I believe” t-shirts. All you have to do is watch some of the YouTube videos to get an idea of how many people they’ve reached. This one video has been viewed almost 700,000 times.” Said by Ward Bingham, who is the founder of Mondonation.

Mondonation had a simple but meaningful idea that allowed people to customize a personal text onto a t-shirt, an avowal of something they believe in. Some people choose to write very heartfelt messages such as;

“I believe that people can make a difference every day” and some that are just fun loving or airheaded go with the phrases like; “I believe I am a Punk!”

However, some people say that the plagiarism of the believe logo by Elizabeth Arden may have been an unintentional slip, considering that the font used in the perfume logo is not the same as the original Mondonation “I believe” logo. Some designers have also tried to support this assertion. They say that the similar use of colors could have been an oversight since the colors “pink” and “green” are corresponding to each other on the color wheel, and logo designers are more likely to pick colors that are next to each other on the wheel.

But, in my opinion the team members of Elizabeth Arden (the company behind the believe fragrance) are blameworthy and should be ashamed of themselves for putting out a barefaced copy of another company’s logo, and for potentially damaging the wondrous brand of Mondonation. They should be charged some serious cash for this transgression, but the sad part about this whole thing is that even paying a penalty doesn’t repair the damage that has been done to the Mondonation brand. I hope they pull the fragrance from the market, compensate Mondonation so the “I believe” shirts can continue on being a supportive and successful project.

These are my thoughts about the believe logo stealth and I am going to stick with them for the reason that I am absolutely certain that Britney Spear’s fragrance logo is a crystal clear rip-off, of the Mondonation's logo and if nothing else happens in the favor of Mondonation, a big amount of the sales profits of Britney’s fragrance should go to the charities which are supported by the efforts of Mondonation's line of apparel. This is what I believe. What do you believe?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


How often do you go to a super market and find a price tag on the back of a product? Never. There is always this meshwork of bold and regular lines and numbers: the bar code, which the cashier scans with the bar code reader, you pay the price and off you go.

Ever wondered why this barcode technology was introduced? Yes. To reduce human effort and human error but is that the only reason.

“So that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-18)

“This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666”. (Revelation 13:17-18)

666, the number of the beast or the Antichrist can be spotted hidden somewhere in every bar code. In the above given barcode you can see three pairs of thin lines, two on the right and left corners and the third in the centre. All the other lines are numbered except these. Why??

Then there is this number 6 marking a line which is exactly like the unmarked lines on the corners and in the centre. Do you get it?? 666. Just like we were told in The Revelations, they are successfully selling us products with the mark/number of the beast/Antichrist.

In the previous articles we discussed the Antichrist logo and the places and products where it is being used. Now we also know how the number of the beast is enmeshed with the Antichrist logo.

These products range from beer brands to a pack of cigarettes to entertainment industry. You buy these products everyday but you never see the two cardinal signs of the antichrist on the products.

A product of Phillip Morris International, a London based manufacturer, this famous cigarette brand fashions both, the Antichrist logo and the mark of the Beast i.e. Barcode


“Veni Vidi Vici” These are the famous words of Julius Caesar, the most distinguished ruler of the “Holy Roman Empire” who destroyed and captured three great empires as it is told in the bible.

Johnnie Walker Black Label is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost every country with annual sales of over 130 million bottles which means 14841 bottles are sold every hour around the world and you can roughly say that 12000 bottles are consumed by followers of monolithic religions who believe in the Antichrist and his signs but nobody bothers to take a look at the antichrist logo and the barcode.

The list of the products is as lengthy as it can get. Even the British Passport which people are drooling for is one of those “products” who impel these signs of the man of sin.

 “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”.
Abraham Lincoln

A lie would be senseless unless the truth is dangerous. You go about your everyday life with your eyes closed, ignoring such earthly facts and perilous truths around you so easily, just like an ostrich who digs his head deep into the sand at the first sign of the storm but can you avoid the truth. No. Doesn’t matter how far you run from this truth, in the end it will find you itself and stand right in your face. Because this is our destiny.

So before your destiny falls upon you, open your eyes.

Friday, March 12, 2010


In the previous articles I discussed the signs of the antichrist. Now let us see these signs in the context of modern civilization and examine a few logos which might be the antichrist logos or logos of the organizations and ambassadors of the antichrist.


Do you recognize this logo?
Yes. In a blink of an eye you would know this is the British royal logo. The logo of a kingdom stretched to the corners of the world a few decades ago.

From tropical Far East Asia to the freezing cold alpine lands of Canada the Union jack was raised and hailed everyday and the anthems of British greatness were chanted day and night acceding loyalty to the Queen. It was commonly referred to as a kingdom where the sun doesn’t set.

Having said all this let’s go back to the signs of the antichrist. Do you see any of the signs of the antichrist in the British royal logo design above? Let’s take a closer look

This British royal logo or precisely the coat of arms of the future king and now Prince Charles of England was designed by the British college of heraldry using a system of guidelines over 500 years old. The logo successfully features all the 12 major signs of the antichrist. When you take a passer by’s look at the logo the only thing that comes to your mind is the greatness of the British Empire but that’s not all. There is more to it.

This logo actually represents “the man of sin” The Antichrist himself. There is this occult society by the name of “Free Masons” also known as the” Illuminati” “the tribe of Dan” or the 13th bloodline which comes from Egypt. The 13th bloodline is known as the “seed of Satan” because they are known to be the direct descendents of the Satan. The inhabitants of the British Isles also came from Egypt. Are you connecting the dots??

Why do you think Prince Charles married a woman who did not belong to any royal family nor had nothing to do with royalty? Of course, it wasn’t a Cinderella story. 

Princess Diana Frances Spencer comes from the direct descendants of the Stuart kings. The bloodline she brought into the royal family brings the bloodlines of all the kings who left descendants into the current Windsor royal family. Now the children of Prince Charles (Prince William Arthur Phillip Windsor, Prince Henry Charles Albert Windsor) bear all Merovingian bloodlines i.e. the evil bloodline.

“They had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years”. (Revelation 20:4)

On March 6th 1996 Prince Charles and his sons voluntarily got a microchip implant on their right hands for “security” reasons and since then millions of people around the world have followed the course and others are about to.

If you take a look at all the above said, you can easily tell what I am trying to say. In case you don’t, let me summarize the whole thing.

The current British royal family (The Windsors) is the direct descendant of the 13th bloodline and they are the family from which the Antichrist is going to arise. They project their real occult status in their royal logos without being noticed by most of the people and they are driving their secret agenda of satanic rule on the world right under our nose but we don’t know it.

“You'll see it when you believe it.” Wayne Dyer

You never see what you don’t want to see and you never believe what you don’t want to believe.

Are you ready to believe??

Monday, March 1, 2010


In the first part of this article we discussed some of the prominent signs of the Antichrist. Now let’s discuss the rest of them.

"The ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority as kings, with the beast, for one hour".
(Revelations 17 verse # 12)

The ten horns or beasts here represent the ten kings who are going to rule the world with the help of powers given to them by the Antichrist

"While I was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it" (Daniel 7 verse # 8)

The three horns here represent three kingdoms which were pulled up from the roots i.e. destroyed. These were the Babylonian empire of Nebuchadnezzar, the Medo-Persian Empire and the Greek empire of Alexander.

"Out of one of them came forth a little horn, which grew exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the glorious [land]”. (Daniel 8 verse # 9)

“Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns.” (Psalm 22:21)

Little horn is one of many names given to the Antichrist in books of Christianity and by modern day scholars. So the little horn here represents the Antichrist himself.

Among these, there is another astounding fact highlighted in the BIBLE which says that the largest of the nations would serve the Antichrist. The phrase “ICH DIEN” seen in the image below is actually a German phrase which literally means “I SERVE”.

“….and a kingdom, that all people, nations and languages, should serve him” (DANIEL 7 VERSE # 14)

"I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand." (Revelations 20 Verse # 1)

The great chain would be another mark of the Antichrist and it will symbolize his strength and reach.

“Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!” (Zechariah 11 verse#17)

It is often associated to the Antichrist that he will possess only one eye. It can have two descriptions. One is a physical one and the other is a systematic one. The physical one is that one of his eyes will be damaged and he will see the world with one eye i.e. a one eyed Antichrist.

This concludes the 12 major physical signs of the Antichrist. In the next part of this Antichrist saga we will try to understand if the Antichrist with all the above mentioned signs exists in the present world. So, be right back.

Monday, February 22, 2010


And I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw unto like a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority”. (13:1)

This is an excerpt from the Book of Revelations Chapter 13 in which John (one of the 12 apostles) depicts what the Antichrist looked like when he saw it on a lonely island. In total there are 12 signs of the Antichrist given in different books of Christianity. Let me explain the three signs given in the above mentioned citation with the help of this graphic representation

The beast has all the three characteristics that John relates to the Antichrist.

The mouth of a lion like John says the face of the beast is just like a big lion that has his thick fluffy lion whiskers and huge canine teeth.

Like a leopard the body of the lion faced beast is like the smart and slender body of a leopard.

The feet of a bear the feet of the beast are just like the grizzly bear you must have seen on TV or a zoo close by.

Let me tell you some other signs that the Books of Christianity relate to the Antichrist.

"And behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow. A crown was given to him, and he came forth conquering, and to conquer"(Revelation 6: verse # 2)

"Another sign was seen in heaven. Behold, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns" (Revelation 12: verse # 3)

"I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots: and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things(Daniel 7: verse# 8)

This isn’t all. There are more signs of the Antichrist and some startling revelations; they will be discussed in the next article.    So, stay tuned...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Purpose a Logo Design Serves?

Any entrepreneur needs acknowledgment. To look different in turn from others, an entrepreneur requires a symbol of uniqueness. The best resource for this purpose is a logo design.

Small/medium scale business owners want to be look strong; therefore they hire expert and professional logo designers to make an artistic logo design outlook for their business to look outstanding among their target audience.

In order to create corporate logo design image of an entrepreneur, an effective communication between the logo design expert and entrepreneur is essential so that the logo designer can deliver several logo designing concepts, ideas or themes which may dominate entrepreneur’s business.

To create an eye-catching logo design, colour mix-up, layers or text in the business logo must be message oriented and simple. If corporate logo design message is clear to all; then it would surely trap its target audience in style.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Why do we stop our cars on red light and go on green? Different colors interpret different things in our lives. Colors are important in our lives and so are they in the logos. You would have seen a lot of logos in green color but if you see a Redbull logo in green color what would you say to yourself? Damn!! That looks ugly. Care to think why?? Because you have always thought of red bull in red and when it says red it has to be red.

This is how important a role your logo colors play in synchronizing the image of your logo at the back of your potential customer’s mind because colors are a spontaneous method for conveying your message in a logo design. It’s probably the most influential mean of non-verbal communication which a designer can use.

Number of colors is usually not a very flexible option in a logo design. More than three colors are contraindicated because multiple colors usually confuse the customer and it can turn out to be expensive for a small business. One color can be very simple yet effective if it compliments the shape and font of the logo.

The use of two colors is most successful and sought out technique. One of the two colors is the primary color which holds the main words and shapes. The secondary color reinforces the primary color; it should accentuate the primary color and not contrast with it. The color combination should also suit your business identity.


Colors mean different things in different cultures illuminating their historical and emotional believes. White is the color of peace to most people in the world but in Chinese culture it’s the color of death. Yellow is perceived as sadness in Greece and sacredness in China. Regional links also define the meanings of colors, like tropical people respond to warm colors and northern people prefer cooler and soothing colors.

So whenever choosing color for your logo always keep the likes and dislikes of your target market in your mind.


Different colors generate different responses in different people depending on one’s age, gender, ethnic background or climate. Bright colors e.g. red usually stimulate energetic warm reactions and cool colors like blue and green enhance peacefulness and tranquility.

If you have a business which needs excitement injected in the people and get them fired up choose a bright warm color such as red, yellow or golden. If the desired response is excitement but not emotion try to use neutral colors or light colors.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

6 Rules to Create an Impactful Website Design

Creating a unique website design is not an easy task. It requires special skills of web designers. Web designers start developing a website on the basis of certain goals. If the goal of a website is to provide information to its target audience; then they should add relevant information to a web page or if the goal is to develop online sales only; then they should add related advertisements to interact their potential customers to a site. Web designer follow some specific rules to give their website a better look. They are as follow:

Symmetry: Symmetry in a web page prevents user’s eye to roll here or there. The web page must contain things aligned up properly. Balanced layout in a web design gives web page a creative outlook.

Colors Ambiance: Colors can bring new life to a web page design. Using colors, web designers set desired mood, make a statement or grab the attention of their target audience. There are different meanings of colors in various cultures like gold color represents prestige, white color represents purity and green color represents natural elements; therefore colors are crucial for web designers to create an open environment.

Graphic Design: The web page must contain appropriate graphic design for its website so that user can interact desirably with it. It should be simple for the target audience to make out some meaning out of the graphic design.

Unique Typography: Typography is very crucial to a web page design. Vibrant mixture of imagery, font size, typefaces and colors set up a harmonious typography.

Negative Space: White space helps the text to speak louder to its target audience. It makes web page text readable and simple for its target audience.

Contrast: Any website must be designed in contrast to its features. Web page colors should reflect the page layout, cells padding, grids, images or other relevant features.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let’s Define the Terms Associated with Logo Designing

Logo: A distinctive symbol of a company, object, publication, person, service or idea.

Mark: A recognizable symbol used to indicate ownership or origin of goods.

Trademark: A name or symbol used to show that a product is made by a particular company legally registered.

Word mark: A word mark uses the company name with proprietary letter forms.

Symbol: The symbol is the iconic portion of a logo. At times, the logo mark can exist without the word mark.

Monogram: A design of one or more letters, usually initials of a name, used to identify a company, publication, person or idea.

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