Thursday, December 29, 2011

Creating Smart Car Logo by Applying Smart, Suitable Styles of Text

There are so many manufacturers of automobiles around you. What is that which will differentiate you from the others? Car logos and names and titles are specialized in such a way that they narrate the qualities of the manufacturer and the automobiles. Brand title is simply the title of your company. But a brand mark is totally something different, but the most important and contributes a great deal in the success of the brand in the market.

A brand mark can be an image describing the attributes of your automobiles, attributes like speed, luxury, faith, comfort, etc.

Usually brand owners prefer the company title or brand title to appear in the brand mark. There are many popular brands that use only the titles, such as, Toyota, Chevrolet, Fiat, etc. There are many advantages of using this form of brand marking. The people get familiar with your brand title and easily associate it with your brand. In pictorial illustrations there are certain bad points. Most of the people, who are not very sharp, fail to relate the picture or image to the brand title, though they are easier to remember but titles are forgotten. Many of the people can’t even read the hidden meaning in the illustration. But textual style of brand marking is free from these bad points. You just have to take vehicle that the typeface of the text is appropriate. Even if you are using initials, reading should not difficult. The font should be relating to the mood of the brand title. The font should depict the boldness and swiftness of the automobile. It is preferred if you use bold fonts for writing the title of the brand.

If the automobile has feminine features, then you can use thin lined fonts and add a little swirl to the smart car logo to depict femininity. This will attract females more, and will give them a feeling that this automobile is meant for them.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Important Aspects of Car Logo Stickers – Make Your Application Successful

Color: The first characteristic that becomes prominent in the car logo stickers is the good application of color. The colors that I think are the best for this application are the bold royal blue and the bright, light blue that would divert attentions on their own. These two colors are usually not seen together on the roads, this is why they will become magnets for attention.

Line: through innovative and artistic application of line, you can give life to the illustration. The far-reaching light blue is an excellent choice for transmitting the lively way of spending life of those who will be associated with the vehicle or the company the wrap is mentioning.

Graphics: The automobile graphics! We are aware of the vitality of applying images that can be related to emotionally or mentally, an illustration that depicts the message and the mood the brand mark. The images you use for this purpose must be really realistic and must be relating to the business or the services you provide or the products that you produce.

Branding: this is another very effective method of promoting your brand. Rather than sticking your vehicle wrap with the brand mark all over the body of the vehicle, you could be more creative by putting the brand mark only on the side doors of the car and the contact information of the concerned company on the rear and front of the vehicle. This will make your company vehicle look more organized. And further more it will make it easier to remember too.

Window: Another great area for a car logos list of designs is to apply it on the windows of the vehicle. This will leave more space for the graphics. This innovative idea will magically change your company vehicle in to a billboard with wheels, moving across the city.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Make Correct and Appropriate Use of Car Logo Images

The brand mark of a vehicle says a lot about the vehicle’s features. The brand mark design should relate to the personality of the manufacturer and the type of vehicles produced. You must be aware of the purpose of the brand mark. Its main purpose is to create identity for the brand. It is a very effective way of increasing your recognition in the market, so that whenever people come by your brand mark they can easily associate it with your brand. But it is not very easy to create a brand mark that is memorable and relates to the business.

There are certain rules that you have to follow while making your brand mark design. These rules are pertaining to the types of brand marking used in the industry of marketing and promotion. Automobile manufacturers spend quality time brain storming for the ideal car logos pictures that illustrate their business. Some use animal features; many apply national court of arms, or other such partisan pictorials to differentiate their business icon from the others and whereas many merely use their corporation brand title to make their brand mark design different unique from others.

There are several vehicle brand mark designs that have become so famous that they can be recognized by their car logo images all over the earth. Most of the famous automobile manufacturers are basically identified by their business icon. Their emblems are known to all human kind and be recognized anywhere on the planet.  Remember the emblem by Audi, BMW, Chevrolet or Infiniti? What do they share in general which gave their emblems such instant popularity? They are all very easy and can be drawn in a matter of seconds. Their plainness is what makes them exclusive. Their simplicity made them easy to remember and recall when required.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Do You Want To Make Your Own Logo Design? Read This!

Ever thought to make your own logo design? There have been several new softwares and application introduced on the internet, brand mark displays, lessons and resources across the internet but do you really know what constitutes a good brand mark and what are the elements of its success? This article will introduce to you the three most basic and most important elements that contribute to the success of a brand mark .

Keep It Simple Silly (KISS):

There is no other captivating brand mark than a stylish yet plain brand mark. It’s confirmed that a simple piece of art will allow the brand mark to be more easily recognized and retain in the memory, nice flexible looks and also will bring a great impression on the viewers. It was highly suggested for a novice to discover and do lots of research on how to make and grow a discreet drawing theory from other well-known designers, those that are known for their creativity.

The efficiency:

Aside from its simple or nominal notion, you must also think about the effectiveness of your brand mark even without shades. You have to give attention to the brand mark structure initially before going to the coloring stage. It is essential for a brand mark to be successful with or without color. In simpler words, your brand mark must look excellent in both, color and black & white prints.


This is very significant readers. You must make certain that your textual content is easily readable for the viewers. Your brand mark can be tremendously outstanding in terms of art or conception but it is totally a waste of time if citizens or audience can’t read a single wording of it. Always be additionally cautious when it comes to resizing manuscript.

If I make my own logo design, I will always keep these points in mind.
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