Friday, February 12, 2010


Why do we stop our cars on red light and go on green? Different colors interpret different things in our lives. Colors are important in our lives and so are they in the logos. You would have seen a lot of logos in green color but if you see a Redbull logo in green color what would you say to yourself? Damn!! That looks ugly. Care to think why?? Because you have always thought of red bull in red and when it says red it has to be red.

This is how important a role your logo colors play in synchronizing the image of your logo at the back of your potential customer’s mind because colors are a spontaneous method for conveying your message in a logo design. It’s probably the most influential mean of non-verbal communication which a designer can use.

Number of colors is usually not a very flexible option in a logo design. More than three colors are contraindicated because multiple colors usually confuse the customer and it can turn out to be expensive for a small business. One color can be very simple yet effective if it compliments the shape and font of the logo.

The use of two colors is most successful and sought out technique. One of the two colors is the primary color which holds the main words and shapes. The secondary color reinforces the primary color; it should accentuate the primary color and not contrast with it. The color combination should also suit your business identity.


Colors mean different things in different cultures illuminating their historical and emotional believes. White is the color of peace to most people in the world but in Chinese culture it’s the color of death. Yellow is perceived as sadness in Greece and sacredness in China. Regional links also define the meanings of colors, like tropical people respond to warm colors and northern people prefer cooler and soothing colors.

So whenever choosing color for your logo always keep the likes and dislikes of your target market in your mind.


Different colors generate different responses in different people depending on one’s age, gender, ethnic background or climate. Bright colors e.g. red usually stimulate energetic warm reactions and cool colors like blue and green enhance peacefulness and tranquility.

If you have a business which needs excitement injected in the people and get them fired up choose a bright warm color such as red, yellow or golden. If the desired response is excitement but not emotion try to use neutral colors or light colors.


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