Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Hate Symbol of Nazism in Various Incarnations

1. Nazi Party Flag

Before Nazi party adopted this symbol, it was considered as a good luck symbol and used by various religious groups. This symbol later on called “Swastika”. Hitler made this emblem unique to his party by turning the symbol’s normal direction so that it appeared to spin clock wise. Now, this symbol has been widely used by the various neo-Nazis, racist skinhead and other white supremacist groups.

2. National Socialist Movement

The swastika symbol with the NSM incorporated in the center was adopted by National Socialist Movement led by Jeff Schoep in Minneapolis and Minnesota, which is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic neo-Nazi group. The black and red colors on the symbol have been taken from the flag of Nazi Germany, whereas the stars and stripes represent the flag of United States.

3. American Nazi Party

This Red Flag, with swastika in center, belongs to the American Nazi party led by Rocky Suhayda based in Eastpointe, Michigan. The party used to be known as the European American Education Association. The ANP claims to protect the cultural heritage of White Race, the Aryan Republic, and Western-European.

4. Nazi Swastika with Iron Cross

Without swastika, the lone Iron Cross medal originated during the Napoleonic Wars. This medal became one of the world’s most easily recognized military decorations. Later on, in 1939, Adolph Hitler renewed the medal by imposing swastika in its center. Now, this symbol is mostly used by the neo-Nazi groups as jewelry (pendants) and so on. It is also used on clothing and accessories.

5. Triskele

This symbol is also known as the “Flowering Power” and consists of three seven shaped blades joint together from their bases. This variation of swastika is called “triskele”, because of its three sided nature.

The symbol occasionally used by the Nazi regime, most notably as the symbol of a Waffen SS division composed of Belgian volunteers.

Three Sevens of triskele was popularized by white supremacists in Europe and South Africa after World War II. The Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), one South African group, used it as its flag. The symbol is also used as part of the logo of the international racist skinhead group, Blood & Honour.

6. Imperial German Flag

Imperial German Flag (aka Imperial War Ensign, Reichskriegsflagge); have taken to display by some neo-Nazis in Germany as a substitute, after the swastika became banned in Germany and other European countries. It never originally had any racist or anti-Semitic meaning, but is used by some white supremacists as a stand-in for the Nazi flag. The usage of this have also be seen in the United States.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Story of the Classic logo of The Rolling Stone Band

The logo of the band Rolling Stone is one of the most unique emblems in the history of pop art. It’s simply a three color design that can work in all sizes and can be fit anywhere. Whenever anybody sees it, feelings of difference and uniqueness come, which truly differentiate the band and its logo from others. Logo depicts the sense of wildness, freshness, sensuality and provocation, which were the traits of the Rolling Stones.

The interesting thing about this logo is that it happens to resemble Mick Jagger’s famous lips. The white reflections on the lips fit perfectly with the image of pop music. In addition, the impression of teeth in the logo depicts the aggressiveness and opposition.

Brief history of the logo and its designer:

The logo was designed by the student of Royal College of Arts London, John Pasche. The logo designer was 25 years old when he received an invitation from Stones management to design a poster for their European tour. Later on, he was asked by the Mick Jagger to design a logo for The Rolling Stones record label. Jagger showed him an image of the Hindu Goddess Kali for inspiration. Pasche was paid only £50 for logo design but after 2 years, he was paid £200 as recognition from the band to its success. The logo was afterwards reproduced on the “Sticky Fingers” inner sleeves by Andy Warhol.

The logo of the Rolling Stone was the greatest achievement along with the success of the band itself. No doubt, The Rolling Stones logo participated greatly for the popularity of the band and had become the extreme identity of the band throughout its tenure.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Superman Logo

The Superman logo, also known as the Superman shield is the emblem for the superhero Superman. This iconic emblem is also referred to as the “S” shield. This logo served as a template for future characters such as Batman and Spiderman. As the original super-hero he and his symbol were the foundation upon which the comics industry has been built.

Brief History

Throughout the time of Superman he has had many different logos. Each logo represents and describes things about superman. The artist that designed these logos usually designed them according to the type of surroundings and the costume that Superman wore during that time.


Initially the S-shield had one meaning S for Superman. Some people say it’s because of their creators Siegel and Joe Shuster. The symbol however not only stands for Superman, but also means saving lives, stopping crime and giving super-aid whenever it is needed

The Colors

The superman emblem consists of two colors red and yellow. The red and yellow are the colors of the red sun of Krypton, Superman’s planet. Superman’s powers are activated by the earths yellow sun and red sun of Krypton representing his relation to the planet. Throughout the years the colors have changed gradually but still resemble the ionic yellow and red

The Evolution

In the very first Superman emblem there was the letter S on a yellow shield that resembled a police badge. The shield varied over the first few years of the comics, and many times was nothing more than a triangle with an S inside of it. The symbol became an inverted yellow triangle with a red S on the inside. In the 1940’s the shield then changed into a pentagon that was black with a red S outlined in yellow. This shield has changed over the years. The S has varied in size and shape so has the pentagon. The classic logo design is the basis for all other interpretations of the logo. In the mid 1990’s when Superman’s powers and costume changed the shield changed colors and shape in accordance with the changes in the costume.

Throughout the years the Superman logo has changed because of the different actors that play Superman and the costumes that they wear. Comic artists also play a role in the changes hat contribute to the logo. The artist changes the logo to make it more appealing to the audience and also it to make the logo easier to draw. All these factors contribute to the evolution of the Superman logo. Today in spite of all the changes the logo has suffered the fundamental details remain unchanged.

To the right is a time line between 1938 and 1970 illustrating the artists and actors that were involved in the evolution of the logo.

 Time Line

Extremism in Air Line Logo Designing is Essential!

Every day thousands of people take off in to the arms of the air… With a large number of airliners to choose from, branding is extremely important and logo design is the ultimate choice to do that.

Elements of Airline Logos Design:

Logo design must be able to convey the message of the services that the airlines provide. The logo design can be able to enforce the ever-lasting effect on the traveler’s vision and on their mind. It’s quite common that most of the airline logos design consists of the cultural aspects, their national symbols or some other nationalistic things. Some essential header of the airline logos designs are as follows.

Colors of Airline Logos Design:

Colors play a pivotal role in all types of visual arts. So the colors in the airline logo designs must be vibrant, attractive, bright and subtle. Some airline logo designs are made in dull shades in order to magnify the image of the airline. The colors in logos design have the quality to indicate the solidarity, strength and existence of firm as power of all. The shades used in airline logos design are use to define the prestige, elegance and simplicity.

Fonts of Airline Logos Design:

The fonts used in airline logos design must encompass the magnitude of the business along with traditionally expressive behavior. The domination of the firm in an airline logo design is illustrated by the size and look of the typography. It can be italic, conventional, modern, artistic, 3D, bold or even abstract.
But the main idea behind the fonts of airline logo design must be attention grabbing style which creates the hook between the customer and the service quality of the airline.

An additional element in the fonts of airline logos worldwide comes from their national language. A lot of airlines have displayed their airline name/title in their logo in their national language too, in very highly stylized fonts. Most of these logos design have a striking consistency and balance between the two typographies.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Logo Design Adding Beauty To These Speed Monsters

Harley Davidson is not only a name, but also a legend in the world of bike industry. It evokes images of long highways through classic American landscape, the roar of an engine sounding like a thunder clap and the polish of chrome doing its best to imitate lightning.

Same as the Harley-Davidson famous logo design commonly referred as the "Bar and Shield” design logo, was created first in the year 1910. It became famous also because the company made a profitable side business by licensing the logo. Interestingly, each Harley-Davidson dealership has its own shop logo design that says something about that dealership and sets it apart every other dealership in the world.

There are seven different logo designs are representing the honda’s company logo design but the the logo design which is famous for its biking accessories is the HONDA WINGS LOGO. Whichs defines the corporate identity, durability, reliability, elegance and style. Dani Pedrosa is the one who rides that super bike in Moto GP and won many races since 2007.

This is a logo for Yamaha Corporation and the entire logo design is used to convey the meaning intended and avoid tarnishing or misrepresenting the intended image. The image is used to identify the brand Yamaha Corporation, a subject of public interest. This dynamic logo design establishes a supreme market. Valentino Rossi has finished first in 2009 Moto GP with Yamaha YZR-M1.

A historic moment in the Ducati Company has occurred with a new logo design. Company official says the new emblem has kept the red Ducati color, but reflects a heart-shape, showing passion for, and dedication to, the Ducati brand.

In comparison the critique says that the Ducati bike deserves a much better logos design and the new logo looks extremely boring and trivial. Casey stoner is the one riding it at Moto GP and succeeded to win the 2008 world championship.

Everyone wants to set the curve when it comes to style. No one wants to design out of a book of trends, but nevertheless, they emerge. Suzuki logo design is one of the classic design have ever been designed with a new attractive look. Its logo design represents the quality of a product that they produce. The best example is the Suzuki Hayabusa, one of the fastest bikes of the world.

Kawasaki has also made a large name in the biking world. But looking critically when your mom took you to buy a pair of shoes? Back then, there were no cross-trainers, trail runners, urban sandals, (whatever those are) or ice climbers. You will be looking for that which has a sign or Nike. So applying same rampage to biking the Kawasaki logo is not that so appealing as the other sport bikes. Kawasaki need a more chunky logo design which relates to its speed.

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