Saturday, November 21, 2009

Story of the Classic logo of The Rolling Stone Band

The logo of the band Rolling Stone is one of the most unique emblems in the history of pop art. It’s simply a three color design that can work in all sizes and can be fit anywhere. Whenever anybody sees it, feelings of difference and uniqueness come, which truly differentiate the band and its logo from others. Logo depicts the sense of wildness, freshness, sensuality and provocation, which were the traits of the Rolling Stones.

The interesting thing about this logo is that it happens to resemble Mick Jagger’s famous lips. The white reflections on the lips fit perfectly with the image of pop music. In addition, the impression of teeth in the logo depicts the aggressiveness and opposition.

Brief history of the logo and its designer:

The logo was designed by the student of Royal College of Arts London, John Pasche. The logo designer was 25 years old when he received an invitation from Stones management to design a poster for their European tour. Later on, he was asked by the Mick Jagger to design a logo for The Rolling Stones record label. Jagger showed him an image of the Hindu Goddess Kali for inspiration. Pasche was paid only £50 for logo design but after 2 years, he was paid £200 as recognition from the band to its success. The logo was afterwards reproduced on the “Sticky Fingers” inner sleeves by Andy Warhol.

The logo of the Rolling Stone was the greatest achievement along with the success of the band itself. No doubt, The Rolling Stones logo participated greatly for the popularity of the band and had become the extreme identity of the band throughout its tenure.


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