Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Hate Symbol of Nazism in Various Incarnations

1. Nazi Party Flag

Before Nazi party adopted this symbol, it was considered as a good luck symbol and used by various religious groups. This symbol later on called “Swastika”. Hitler made this emblem unique to his party by turning the symbol’s normal direction so that it appeared to spin clock wise. Now, this symbol has been widely used by the various neo-Nazis, racist skinhead and other white supremacist groups.

2. National Socialist Movement

The swastika symbol with the NSM incorporated in the center was adopted by National Socialist Movement led by Jeff Schoep in Minneapolis and Minnesota, which is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic neo-Nazi group. The black and red colors on the symbol have been taken from the flag of Nazi Germany, whereas the stars and stripes represent the flag of United States.

3. American Nazi Party

This Red Flag, with swastika in center, belongs to the American Nazi party led by Rocky Suhayda based in Eastpointe, Michigan. The party used to be known as the European American Education Association. The ANP claims to protect the cultural heritage of White Race, the Aryan Republic, and Western-European.

4. Nazi Swastika with Iron Cross

Without swastika, the lone Iron Cross medal originated during the Napoleonic Wars. This medal became one of the world’s most easily recognized military decorations. Later on, in 1939, Adolph Hitler renewed the medal by imposing swastika in its center. Now, this symbol is mostly used by the neo-Nazi groups as jewelry (pendants) and so on. It is also used on clothing and accessories.

5. Triskele

This symbol is also known as the “Flowering Power” and consists of three seven shaped blades joint together from their bases. This variation of swastika is called “triskele”, because of its three sided nature.

The symbol occasionally used by the Nazi regime, most notably as the symbol of a Waffen SS division composed of Belgian volunteers.

Three Sevens of triskele was popularized by white supremacists in Europe and South Africa after World War II. The Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), one South African group, used it as its flag. The symbol is also used as part of the logo of the international racist skinhead group, Blood & Honour.

6. Imperial German Flag

Imperial German Flag (aka Imperial War Ensign, Reichskriegsflagge); have taken to display by some neo-Nazis in Germany as a substitute, after the swastika became banned in Germany and other European countries. It never originally had any racist or anti-Semitic meaning, but is used by some white supremacists as a stand-in for the Nazi flag. The usage of this have also be seen in the United States.


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