Monday, December 7, 2009

Manhunt Game Logo: Depiction of the Violence at its Peak

The game Manhunt, by Rockstar Games, could be said as one of the most violent games in the history of video games. Same as the game, its logo design also depict the same violent nature from its overall theme.

The first part of this third-person perspective stealth action game was released in November 18, 2003 for PlayStation 2 and later on for Xbox and Windows in April 20, 2004. Due to extreme graphic violence in the game, it had been banned in several countries.

The second part, Manhunt 2, was released in October 2007 and provoked the same controversy because of the same extreme violent nature, but it was well received by the masses.

Logo of Manhunt 1:

Logo of the manhunt rightly displays the essence of the game play. Color, font and style of the logo absolutely display the horror, violence and gore. Font is in all caps and in white color, which truly tells the game lovers how the game will be before they actually play it.

Logo of Manhunt 2:

Manhunt 2, another part came with another powerful logo that describes the violent nature same as its predecessor. But this time, the overall theme has been changed which makes it more describable yet memorable. Font color has become black and gone in all lowercase, which shows the real power of the video game to the audience.

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  1. The Logo of Manhunt 1 is really eye-catching like it is telling a warning to the person who sees the logo though it is still somewhat intriguing. Indeed it's creatively done.


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