Friday, November 16, 2012

Launching A Car Rental Business

In 1993 I correctly or incorrectly determined to start a car rental business. To make it truly simple I determined to do it in one of the most cutthroat regions in Australia, the Gold Coast. Additionally, I didn’t know anything about the business and my only worker was equally unaware. Nevertheless I was a Certified Motor Dealer and as I was going to begin with second-hand cars, this was a big benefit.

The first confront was to discover appropriate location. Luckily, after a little effort I was able to discover an appropriate location and at an affordable rent. More confronts followed very quickly. After that I had to select an opening date in order to have an objective to work towards.

While all this was occurring I had to undertake all the advertising of the business in order to get some clients as soon as probable to assist me give the rent. Before that could begin, I needed to record a business name, obtain some telephone numbers and get all the stationery imprinted. That incorporated a copied rental contract, artwork and a car rental logo for the company.
Also buy office furniture and write the office sign.

Now, back to the advertising. Yellow pages had to be reserved as soon as probable so that we were there in the next subject. Pamphlets had to be designed and disseminated. The spreading corporation had to be forced into doing some kind of dissemination as their pamphlet brackets were full and they had a time-consuming waiting catalog, particularly for car rental.

There are many, incredible stories from those years and I cannot start to narrate them here. Be enough to say that it was an in admirable experience and I gravely speculate, with retrospection, would I select to do it all once more. Luckily that is not a conclusion that I have got to make.

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