Friday, February 3, 2012

Why A Cheap Logo Design Must Cost More Than A Latte?

Brand marks today get no admiration. Punch in brand mark design on Google and you are swamped with companies offering designs for the logo design cheap of a latte. Why shouldn’t you download one that has your beloved color, pay online and be done with it by now? Many don’t appreciate how important a well-designed brand mark is to their company, why it costs more than a latte, and why brand mark design is not something you should take frivolously. This is why I feel obliged to outline some very significant facts that will hopefully clear things up.

What is a brand mark anyway? Some define the symbol as: a graphical illustration, (ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, and sign) that, together with its brand mark type (an exclusively set and arranged font) form a brand name or commercial brand. Characteristically, a brand mark’s design is for instant recognition, stimulating trust, admiration, faithfulness and an implied dominance. The brand mark is one characteristic of a company’s profitable brand, or economic body, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images more often than not are different from others in a similar bazaar. Brand marks are also used to make out organizations and other non-commercial organizations. With such a huge list of errands, it is surprising to me that anyone would regard as purchasing cheapest logo design, creating themselves, or not having a brand mark at all.

A proficiently designed brand mark should have all of the following attributes:
Be evocative.
Be unforgettable.
Be only one of its kinds from competitors.
Efficient without color (black and white only).
Be scalable (understandable in a variety of sizes and media).
Create acknowledgment.
Communicate manufactured goods or service’s significance and qualities.
Speak to the spectators.
Create trustworthiness.
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