Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Tips and Advices on Making Effective Food Logo Designs Perfectly

If you are opening a new restaurant, then first make sure that you know which area of cooking you specialize in. Either it is Italian, Mexican, or Indian. Or you might be expert in any one food item, like your restaurant is specialized in the cooking of crabs, or fish, or chicken. If this is the case then you must portray these things in your brand mark. So that the customers understand what they are dealing with and decide whether they are interested in eating crabs or fish.

Displaying the important features of your restaurant in your food logo designs is very important. For example, just assume that your brand mark consists of an image showing a food tray of different items. A family comes in to your dinette and seat themselves on a table. They call for a waiter to place their order of chicken items, and the waiter tells them they only have fish items. This is an awkward situation for both, the restaurant and the family. Obviously the family will leave your dinette complaining. But if your brand mark had a fish, or a display of marine creatures, then this confusion would not have arrived in the first place.

With a little creativity you can interweave your letters with an image to make a unique pictorial and textual illustration of your dining place or a whole food logo. Apart from text and images, colors and gradients also keep importance in the emblem. You must use colors that are common to eating items or marine life so that a lively feeling arises from the brand mark. The font should also complement the design and color you have chosen. While designing make sure that you don’t make the emblem too colorful and complex. Your brand mark must look good in black and white, and it should not lose its resolution when rescaled.

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